End of year musings

Wow, it has been almost a month since I’ve last posted?  I guess time flies when one is back to work, worrying about holidays, and finding that concern for one’s injury has become a lower priority.

I’ve found that I am still getting better each day, although the incremental improvement is sometimes so small as to be barely noticeable.  Also, at the end of long days, I find that my injured foot is more sore than the regular soreness of my non-injured foot.  Still getting some swelling over the tendon (with sometimes bizarre patterns depending on the sock I’ve worn), but nowhere else.

Physical therapy was stretched out to once/week this past month, with plans for sessions every 10-14 days in the new year.  I guess it is a comment on how my priorities have shifted that I completely forgot that I had an appt yesterday.  Fortunately, they had room for me today.  With making a set of appts for Jan/Feb, I’ve made sure that my phone reminds me early in the AM on those days.  I discovered something new at PT today: after massage/strengthening/balance treatment I was stretching before getting on the elliptical and I found that my injured side stretched much more easily than my non-injured when doing calf stretches.  When I questioned my PT, he said that it was probably a combination of treatment and calf weakness, but that there wasn’t any concern re: healing long.  I did find that after I finished on the elliptical that my right calf didn’t feel as tight as it had earlier.  We talked a bit about stretching in general - dynamic vs static vs none - and his take was that there was nothing definitive for any strategy.  Kinda reminded me of the debate about surgery vs casting.  Speaking of PT, I do want to give some recognition to Dennis Martin, as well as Tim and Wes, of ProActive Physical Therapy in Highlands Ranch, CO.

In other news, we had a landmark Christmas this year.  It was the first Christmas that didn’t devolve into fighting or parental shouting.  With my kids being ages 9, 11, 11, 11 (yes, 11-yr old triplets), this has been a long time coming.  My big gift was a fancy new Canon Rebel EOS T1i.  Here’s a photo that I just took:

16 weeks, 5 days Post-op

16 weeks, 5 days Post-op

Yeah, left calf is still smaller than right - as expected.  Not sure if the redness is due to today’s PT or always present - this is actually the first time that I’ve looked as my scar in several weeks.

Happy New Year to all!  Stay safe and if you’re in Denver, try not to let your kids get appendicitis (I’m on call Fri-Sat-Sun)!  Cheers, Ron

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  1. Ultidad: Don’t know if you remember me telling you that I woke up from surgery with one of my front teeth chipped. Well I finally had it fixed and for about $15 (I have great insurance) I have a new part to my tooth and it is actually much nicer looking than my original tooth was. I would say that is a huge ATR bonus in my favor. Thank-you to my anesthesiologist!! Ha Ha!
    Thanks for the fun posts and happy healing in 2010.

  2. Your left leg looks good, Ron. My left leg still looks like it belongs to a chicken. Triplets - yikes! I bet that was a handful when they were all hungry at once in early days.
    Hope you have a fabulous and injury-free 2010. When you going skiing?

  3. Smish- I do remember. I’m so glad that things turned out well for you!

    Gerry- planning on getting new boots in Jan and skiing late Feb/early Mar.

    Just changed my Facebook profile photo to be the one above.

  4. Happy New Year, Ron– you certainly are the “ultidad” — we just have one 11-year old to deal with! (but he’s a great kid, we can handle it :)

    I still have a lot of soreness too, which I also find is helped by stretching. But thinking that I will just have to live with it if I plan on keeping up with running (which obviously has been a priority for me…)

  5. Glad to hear you are feeling good and recovering well.
    I wish I had such good flexibility when dorsi flexing.

    Three 11 year olds?! Maybe you should have called your blog multidad! After handling diapers etc for triplets an ATR is a piece of cake for you! Congrats.

  6. Ron,

    I just hurt myself this past Thursday and am seeing a specialist tomorrow morning. I am most freaked out about surgery and in particular the anasthesia options. Any reassurance or recommendation you could provide? I am up here just north of Boulder.


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