Saw, scar and shirt

Today was tree-cutting day for us here in the Rockies.

The National Forest Service has a program which allows the public to obtain a permit to go to a specified area and cut their own Christmas tree, called the Holiday Tree program.  The program covers three weekends in Nov/Dec.  I’m told that the program helps to reduce the fire risk.

Last year, I dragged the kids around for nearly an hour, looking for the perfect tree.  We ended up with a 14 1/2 foot tree that barely fit into the house.  Knowing that I’d be much more limited this year, we tromped around in the woods for about 10 minutes before choosing this year’s tree.  In the stand, this one is about 11 feet.  It is, however, much lighter.  I was able to carry it inside easily by myself.  Yes, I wore my achillesblog shirt, but no, I didn’t wear the running shoes.  I wore the hiking boots that I got for the transition from “the boot” to 2-shoes.Saw, scar, shirt and tree

The saw, the scar, the shirt, and the tree.  Cheers, Ron

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  1. Nice scar, nice shirt, nice tree! We will cut ours tomorrow (at a farm).

  2. Ohh Yeah!

  3. Nice calf muscle :)

  4. It’s an implant

  5. They have calf implants? Wow!

  6. LOL! I never ever use to admire anybody’s calf muscle until after I had all my Achilles trouble. Oh…. what has this injury really done to us! Hee hee!

    Ultidad: Fun picture. Hoping for lots of laughter around that beautiful tree of yours. By the way, I think I have seen you before.

  7. Nice hat!
    What an unlucky second injury on the same foot, make sure you get that saw removed from your foot!!

  8. Speaking of calves- when my doctor warned me that my calf was going to “wither away and shrink down to nothing,” I told him that I had been dreaming about several of my body parts shrinking down to nothing! (just not my right calf).

  9. That looks like it would have been fun. I remember one year the FS set aside an area up near Fort Collins, on a ridge line. The trees only had branches on one side. It was a fairly long drive for nothing.

  10. ultidad - great picture and nice shirt! I’ve added you to the slideshow:
    Congrats on having picked out the Christmas tree!

  11. Brilliant! Every picture tells a story and yours shows a great sense of humour!

  12. Ultidad: I have been looking over the Elipticals in the stores lately. I am thinking about getting one but am a little concerned about how it might affect the legs. Do you have any thoughts? Do you feel any extra work being done in your Achilles area when you are on one? Did your PT share any concerns with you about it? I am looking for a good weight bearing cardio workout that doesn’t put extra strain on the lower legs. Thanks!


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  13. highflyer- saw removal was painless, but extremely bloody

    Gerry- as you know, any excuse to get up to the mountains is fun - the small miracle was that none of my kids got carsick on the winding roads

    dennis- thanks. Sometime soon, I plan to post a treatise on anesthesia that will hopefully be informative enough to make it onto your “Posts worth reading” list

    karen- thanks. I did worry that I was trying to cram too many things into one photo

    Smish- the elliptical machine is the only thing other than a stationary bike that my PT has yet to let me do. I was a little nervous the first time that I tried, but ended up getting such a good workout (in only 15 min - kinda sad), that I forgot about my achilles for a while and was just concentrating on finishing my 15 min. I’ve heard somewhere that people in the know favor ellipticals over treadmills because they put less stress on one’s joints. I didn’t feel that there was any more stress on my achilles with the elliptical than the bike. Hope that helps, Ron
    PS - getting back up the chimney is gonna be a challenge this year

  14. Ultidad/Smish - I’ve used ellilptical machines on and off for the last several years, both before my achilles injury and after both surgeries. My surgeon has encourged the use of the elliptical vs. jogging at this point as you avoid some of the stresses caused on impact. I’ve always fell like I get a pretty good workout from the elliptical and I agree that I don’t feel like it put any more stress on the schilles than the bike. The machines I’ve used have different settings so that you are able to work the different muscles in the legs. Since my achilles injury I usually focus more on the settings that work the calves vs. glutes, quads and hammies. You can also adjust the resistance to lessen the strain on the achilles.

    BTW, I love the photo. A little humour goes a long way while recovering. Thanks!

  15. i am 8 weeks today and first 3 hours in 2 shoes. i am limping pretty bad. question is should i go back to the boot?

  16. hjg3- I went from “the boot” to high top hiking shoes before graduating to running shoes. For me, that was a great transition. I was still limping, but not doing the Frankenstein-walk that the boot forces. Maybe some shoes/boots with a lot of support will help you…

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