End of year musings

Wow, it has been almost a month since I’ve last posted?  I guess time flies when one is back to work, worrying about holidays, and finding that concern for one’s injury has become a lower priority.
I’ve found that I am still getting better each day, although the incremental improvement is sometimes so small as to [...]

Saw, scar and shirt

Today was tree-cutting day for us here in the Rockies.
The National Forest Service has a program which allows the public to obtain a permit to go to a specified area and cut their own Christmas tree, called the Holiday Tree program.  The program covers three weekends in Nov/Dec.  I’m told that the program helps to [...]

A minor epiphany

So, as I was cleaning up after one of my boys vomited in the bathroom (fortunately on tile), I had a minor epiphany.  I now understand why professional athletes seem to heal faster than the rest of us:
Their bodies are their livelihood.
They already (I’m making some assumptions here) have their days structured around whatever physical [...]