Week 10

I’d been feeling that I’d reached a plateau phase where improvement would be slower coming, so I spiced things up by wearing my Keen clogs to work yesterday and today.  I told myself that this would help with strengthening the intrinsic muscles of my foot.  In reality, I think that they just made my heel a bit more sore by the end of the day, thus making my still-present limp more pronounced.  Oh, well.

I did have another PT session today and had two big (to me) things added to my rehab regimen.  First was doing standing heel raises.  I was prepared for them to hurt, but it really was more of a tightness feeling.  What I wasn’t prepared for was the complaining that my non-injured calf gave me.  Nothing terrible, but more of a “oh, and you think that we’ll just do whatever you want at the drop of a hat” feeling.  Second was being allowed on an elliptical machine, another plus-minus situation.  6 minutes in (I was told to go 15) and I was no longer concerned with how my achilles felt, but with how winded I was becoming.  I finished the full 15 minutes, but was really huffing and puffing.

Finally, I’ve posted here and elsewhere that I’ve been told to avoid putting neosporin on wounds as it inhibits tissue healing, that one should use bacitracin instead.  Since I like to use myself as an example, here are a couple of before and after photos of the road rash that I got this summer courtesy of a little bicycle spill (the first is not for the faint of heart!):

To me, the important thing was that I never let a scab form.  For about 3 weeks, I did twice-daily dressing changes, keeping bacitracin ointment on the wound and then keeping it covered.

Maybe next week I’ll finally put up a photo of my leg :)

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  1. After about 9 months, I am still hitting plateaus….and setbacks, even though as you know, I am up to running 20 mile runs. And just when I think I am doing well, someone tells me “oh, you’re still running with a limp….” But it sounds like you have a much better PT than I did, so I think this will help you get stronger faster….best, Gail

  2. Damn, Ron that does look painful. I had something similar on my left calf many years ago from a motorcycle accident and it took probably 6 months before all traces of it were gone.

    I’ve been tempted recently by my wife’s elliptical machine but not enough to actually get on it. I overdid things yesterday and am paying the price for it today, enough so that I had to take some Percoset for the first time my last surgery on October 7. But, I haven’t used my crutches since Thursday, only a cane.

  3. Ron…….happy to hear of your recovery efforts, from what you’ve described, it sounds like I’ll have my work cut out for me when PT gets into full swing. Yesterday was the 1 month mark for me (rupture/surgery was on October 18.)……….and so far, things are pretty good. Could be better (would like to be PWB), but things could certainly be worse (could still be in a plaster cast), so all in all, I’m hanging in there. Thanks for the tip on using Bacitracin vice Neosporin………I’ll keep that in mind. Take care and best wishes………….Stroh

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