Last “official” Dr appt

I say “official” because my orthopedic surgeon (Dr. Ted Parks, Denver, CO) said he still wants to check up on me towards the end of January - but it only has to be an informal check whenever we see each other around the OR.  Here’s what we discussed:
1. I’ve noticed more swelling these past few [...]

Week 10

I’d been feeling that I’d reached a plateau phase where improvement would be slower coming, so I spiced things up by wearing my Keen clogs to work yesterday and today.  I told myself that this would help with strengthening the intrinsic muscles of my foot.  In reality, I think that they just made my heel [...]

What a difference a week makes

Last week: me in hiking boots, temp 23F, enough snow to keep the kids out of school for 3 days.
This week: me in running shoes, temp 76F, just a few spots of snow left.