I’m dreaming of a white Halloween

Well, we’re digging out from a significant snowstorm here in Denver.  Fortunately, the hiking boots that I’ve been wearing provide enough support so that I can do some shoveling.  Last week, my PT told me that I could transition from the hiking boots to running shoes tomorrow.  I think I’ll stick with the boots until the snow gets cleared…

Before clearing……….after clearing……….snow dog

Who knew that my first published photos would be of something other than my ankle?

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  1. I live in Utah…….this particular storm system only dropped a light dusting for us. I heard on NPR this afternoon United cancelled hundreds of flights and a couple runways at DIA were closed for several hours……good times. Nothing beats a robust early season snowstorm, especially for the ski areas. Best wishes………Stroh

  2. I’ve got the day off tomorrow - really wish I could go up and hit the pow

  3. Hi Ultidad, that’s what I call a decent dump of snow! Love your dog! What breed is she/he? We have a golden doodle (a golden retriever/giant poodle cross) called Strudel. She loves the snow but she’s hopeless in it because it collects on the fur on her legs in huge icy balls until she can scarcely walk!

  4. Beautiful but treacherous! Be careful out there…Gail

  5. Smoley- thanks. He’s a 3/4 poodle labradoodle - mom a 1st gen cross and dad a medium-sized poodle. He was supposed to be smaller, but he’s the perfect size for us. He loves the snow as well, but also has some sticking problems.
    I kept the hiking boots on for my upper body workout of shoveling. Sun came out today, so the snow was really heavy, but I had to make some progress on the sidewalks in anticipation of Trick-or-treaters tomorrow PM.
    In PT today, got to do calf raises with a weight on top of my knee. I was really surprised how little extra effort it took with a 20# weight.

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