Well, today has been rather as I had expected.  I found that if I walked reallllllly slowly and took small steps I could walk evenly.  I did have a couple of times where I sort of wished that I had worn the boot - I was to a point yesterday that I could walk fairly briskly in the boot (a good thing since it was snowing here in Denver!).  But, I reminded myself to just be happy that I could walk in hiking boots instead of in “the boot”.  By early evening (of course, at my son’s soccer practice), it felt like my foot and ankle were quite swollen, so I climbed into the back seat of my car, sat sideways, and put my foot up onto the top of the other seat.  By the time the practice was finished, I felt much better.  As I take my hiking boot off now, I am pleased that there is less swelling than I would’ve predicted.  Thanks again to all who have commented.  Cheers, Ron

2 Responses to “2-shoes”

  1. Fantastic news Ron. 5 weeks post op and walking around it must feel great. I took a few tentative steps yesterday bare foot 3 weeks post op. It felt good although rather than walking I kind of shuffled along but still it felt fantastic. All the best.

  2. Well done - it feels great to wear shoes again, doesn’t it?
    I’m finding intermittent periods of rest throughout the day help immensely to control the swelling and am getting very little now except at the end of the day if I’ve been on my feet a lot in the evening.
    My physio is also insisiting I continue using crutches outside until I can walk faster without a limp.

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