This humble correspondent has graduated out of “the boot” into hi-top hiking boots.  So much more comfortable, although it did feel very strange putting on something other than “the boot”.

Earlier this afternoon, my surgeon (Dr. Ted Parks in Denver) explained to me the science behind early mobilization as opposed to prolonged casting.  My understanding of what he told me is that apparently, animal studies were done to mimic ligament/tendon injuries.  The control group of animals were immobilized following injury and the test group were fitted with braces that allowed movement, yet prevented strain on the injured area.  Under a microscope, the collagen fibers (the cells that provide the strength) in the test group were aligned in a linear orientation similar to uninjured tendons.  The fibers in the control group were randomly aligned.  The conclusion being that the early movement yielded healed tissue that more closely resembled uninjured tissue.

Now I am just waiting for a call from his office to let me know where I might go for physical therapy

3 Responses to “Woohoo!”

  1. Sweet ! that was nice and quick. I’m also glad to hear some science behind the common sense!

  2. Thanks Ultidad - will feed that bit of research down the same channel I have been feeding other “why am I in this damn cast” info and see if it has any effect. Who am I kidding!? Smoley

  3. This seems to be the new way of thinking. Its a pity not everywhere has signed up yet! I am not due out of the boot until 8 weeks post surgery. Although my scar is very small and I was walking in the boot with no crutches 12 days post op. Seems a long wait.

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