I’m dreaming of a white Halloween

Well, we’re digging out from a significant snowstorm here in Denver.  Fortunately, the hiking boots that I’ve been wearing provide enough support so that I can do some shoveling.  Last week, my PT told me that I could transition from the hiking boots to running shoes tomorrow.  I think I’ll stick with the boots until [...]

Don’t throw the crutches away just yet

So, I had my second physical therapy session yesterday and was given a wide, thin, rubbery band to use for providing a small amount of resistance for stretching.  The therapist made a bit of a loop and put the loop around my foot and, holding the free end, had me dorsiflex.  She then handed me [...]

More on healing long

Happened to see my orthopod (Dr. Ted Parks) in the OR lounge today and relayed what my PT told me on Wednesday.  He said that he didn’t mind my treatment being a little more conservative now, but that he had absolutely no concerns that I would heal long.  Given that he is the one who [...]

Startin’ PT

Started physical therapy today.
My therapist said he was “shocked” that I walked in without “the boot”, but after telling him that my surgeon (Dr. Ted Parks - I’m gonna plug him shamelessly from now on…) said that it was OK for me to be in hiking boots, my therapist agreed.  I did get a mini-lecture [...]


Well, today has been rather as I had expected.  I found that if I walked reallllllly slowly and took small steps I could walk evenly.  I did have a couple of times where I sort of wished that I had worn the boot - I was to a point yesterday that I could walk fairly [...]


This humble correspondent has graduated out of “the boot” into hi-top hiking boots.  So much more comfortable, although it did feel very strange putting on something other than “the boot”.
Earlier this afternoon, my surgeon (Dr. Ted Parks in Denver) explained to me the science behind early mobilization as opposed to prolonged casting.  My understanding of [...]

A question for any and all…

On the eve of my 5-wk post-op visit (when I get to find out when I get to start PT), I thought I’d pose a question:
Aside from the immediate post-op concerns of bleeding, infection and non-healing, what would be the most concerning thing headed into physical therapy.  My list is as follows:
1. re-rupture
2. healing “long”
3. [...]

Passed another milestone…

I passed a personal milestone yesterday by taking call.  Fortunately, I had a pretty reasonable day and only was called for one extra case and was home before 11PM.  It was a milestone for me because I was really hating having to be a burden on the rest of my group.  Now that I am [...]