I’m walking!

So, I had the day off today.

After helping get the kids off to school, I went back to bed (sleeping in is a wonderful thing), with my foot elevated.  After I got up, I went to the recliner to read the paper.  Once finished with the paper, I started cleaning up my office.  Needing to use both hands, I set the crutches aside and found myself able to move around without them - just a few back and forth steps.  This emboldened me to try to take a trip to the kitchen sans crutches, which I did - pain free.  I guess my question now is whether this constitutes full weight bearing or whether FWB means being able to stand on the injured leg while lifting the other leg off the floor?  Either way, I am very pleased.  After finishing my cleaning/organizing, I took the boot off to do some stretching.  I was also very pleased the the swelling was down such that I could see both the tendons and veins on the top of my foot.

Since it is looking like I’ll have a full day at work tomorrow, I do plan to bring the crutches to work and probably crutch around most of the day to avoid overdoing it.

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  1. Its liberating isn’t it? You’re probably in a very good position to do weight bearing like this, its better than half-kneeling on a chair. Where you are now is the time when I abandoned my crutches for intra-room activities (washing dishes, cooking, folding laundry, putting a new DVD in the player) but if I were moving between rooms I’d still grab the crutches. What you should do is up to you but if there is no pain and the swelling is reasonable and expected then you’re probably best off being as mobile as possible.

    Keep the blood moving!

  2. way to go! That’s FWB in my book; unless you’re shuffling along, you must be standing on the injured leg by itself at some point in your stride. Maybe call it part-time FWB if you’re still using the crutches some of the time.

    Also beware of giving yourself hip/back trouble by overdoing it, the extra height of the boot caused me some issues after lots of walking.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement.
    Speaking of the height of the boot, anyone have suggestions for evening things out? I don’t have my 70s era Kiss platform heels anymore…

  4. Ultidad: One thing you can do to even things up a bit in your boot is put a heal lift underneath the insole of your running or tennis shoes. You can get them from a physical therapist and they come in different sizes. They are leather and fit nicely. It is probably a good idea to have the heel lift in the other side anyway while you are in the boot just to take the added strain off the non-ruptured side. (It’s doing the push off for both feet for a little while) I live in Denver too and in case your PT friends don’t carry them Joe over at Performax has them. He is located by SW Plaza. They are not very expensive and they worked perfectly for me being that I was in a boot for a total of 7 months last year. Happy healing!

  5. Congrats but be very careful about trying to do too much too soon.

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