Baby steps

Yeah, I was all psyched to come home and post that I had taken a few steps while holding the crutches in the air (I was crutch-walking along, feeling good, so I just lifted the crutches up).  I felt better at work today than yesterday, and coworkers also commented that I looked better today than yesterday.  Tuesdays are much like I reported last Saturday being, with overlapping practices for my sons and their activities.  I did the chauffering today as well.

Then I took off the boot to let my wife see my incision for the first time…

My ankle as a whole was much more swollen than last night, especially medially.  My surgeon cc’ed his op note to me and I learned that my skin incision is lateral to the tendon - would you believe that I still haven’t seen the incision?  That would explain why my ankle was more swollen laterally.  I can only explain the medial swelling by thinking that I spent too much of the day today with my leg in a dependent position (as opposed to elevated).  My wife and I agreed that for the next couple of weeks, I probably need to just get into the recliner as soon as I got home.

So, and advance followed by a setback.  I’m guessing that try as I might, this pattern will probably repeat a few times in the future.  Thanks again to all who’ve commented.

Cheers, Ron

3 Responses to “Baby steps”

  1. Think everyone experiences swelling at some point or other, particularly early on, when upright for a long time or when trying to do too much.
    Sure you know that elevation, massage or ice can help.

  2. Ron,

    Compression tubes (Tubigrip) kept my swelling down while I hobbled around the NICU in the weeks following my rupture. I never worried much about the swelling; I just saw it as an irritating symptom that needed to be controlled.

    Best wishes,


  3. I’m still getting a tiny bit of swelling 6 months on if I stand all day, so it does take a fair bit of time for first the irritants to remove themselves and then the actual musculature to firm up and resist the blood pressure.
    Don’t let it keep you from moving about. You can relax without the boot a whole lot better, and the swelling dissipates much more quickly without the boot on.

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