First weekend of PWB

Thanks to all who commented on my really long initial post.

I got to get back to being a chauffeur-dad on Saturday - took son #2 to his fencing practice, went back home to get son #1, we then picked up son #2 and the three of us went to son#1’s soccer game.  Fortunately, I have one of those portable chairs that have a foot rest, so I was able to sit with my leg up during the game.  I had initially volunteered to help coach the soccer team, but that all came to a crashing halt with the ATR.  I am hoping that within the next couple of weeks I’ll be able to at least return to practices to encourage the kids from the sidelines.

I was surprised Friday evening at the amount of swelling that had accumulated in my foot, so after the soccer game, I decided that foot elevation for the rest of the weekend would be the right thing to do.  Good thing that there was a lot of football to watch.  Throughout the weekend, I’ve tried putting more and more weight on my repaired foot.  Just now, I’d say I got to about 80% before it hurt too much.  The good thing is that once I take weight off my foot it doesn’t continue to hurt.  The weird thing is how much of a lift the boot gives - I have to be nearly en pointe with my other foot to keep myself even.  I’m guessing that the height of the boot alone makes it tough to walk without a limp.  Maybe taking the heel pads out of the boot will even things out some.

Tomorrow will be a challenge - I have a morning full of short cases with little turnaround time.  I hope that my limited mobility doesn’t delay things too much.

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  1. Yes, the amount of lift from the boot put me off walking longer distances. No pain from the achilles, but I would get a sore back by the end of the day. So I walked short distances indoors in the boot, but for longer ‘walks’ outdoors I kept my crutches until around week 5 (also to stop the boot getting filthy in our cold wet winter).
    Those short cases must be a drag, hardly any time to read the newspaper or do the sudoku!
    (I assume you’re familiar with the hymn about your profession? My wife loved it:

  2. Hadn’t seen that one before. Thanks for the laugh. My subspecialty is pediatric anesthesia - usually have lots of quick cases - which is good for my mild ADD.

  3. So only time for a couple of quick share trades then? ;-)

    My wife is a final year registrar working on a regional subspecialty - loves working with the kids, but can’t stand the parents projecting their irrational fears: “don’t be scared about the big needle junior, be a big boy, it won’t hurt, or would you rather have the gas” - until then junior himself was perfectly happy for an IV induction.

    Thanks for posting, good to have some pros on the site (another recent poster is a foot & ankle ortho IIRC).

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