Bye, bye crutches

Had a full list of cases (7) on Friday and got around without crutches most of the time.  I only used the crutches to get from/to the car because I could cover the longer distance faster with the crutches than without.  I did get a lot of comments to be careful that I didn’t mess [...]

I’m walking!

So, I had the day off today.
After helping get the kids off to school, I went back to bed (sleeping in is a wonderful thing), with my foot elevated.  After I got up, I went to the recliner to read the paper.  Once finished with the paper, I started cleaning up my office.  Needing to [...]

Baby steps

Yeah, I was all psyched to come home and post that I had taken a few steps while holding the crutches in the air (I was crutch-walking along, feeling good, so I just lifted the crutches up).  I felt better at work today than yesterday, and coworkers also commented that I looked better today than [...]


How does anyone get any sleep in the boot?  My surgeon wants me to keep wearing the boot at night so that my tendon doesn’t shorten, but I had a terrible time sleeping last night.  I know that some of it is because I let my sleep cycle get messed up during the time that [...]

First weekend of PWB

Thanks to all who commented on my really long initial post.
I got to get back to being a chauffeur-dad on Saturday - took son #2 to his fencing practice, went back home to get son #1, we then picked up son #2 and the three of us went to son#1’s soccer game.  Fortunately, I have [...]

First Post

A little background to start things off: I think that I am genetically predispositioned to suffer ATR.  My father ruptured his left Achilles playing tennis ~13 years ago at age 58.  Knowing this, when I developed Achilles pain 3 years ago I questioned orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists (I am an anesthesiologist - so sorry if [...]