Update - waiting…

The good news is that my allergy symptoms started settling down shortly after my previous post.

By mid-week, my ear looked like an ear again, and the rashes on the rest of my body had just about disappeared.

At this point I’m effectively just waiting for my follow up on March 29th. That’s when I will get placed in a boot and I assume I’ll find out more about the pace of my rehab. (I’ll also have my sutures removed in that appointment - it’ll be interesting to see whether having them in so much longer will make the process more painful).

I’m definitely not a big fan of the cast: It creates pressure points on my ankle bones when I’m sleeping which tenses me up - I wake up with a sore and stiff leg several times each night.

I think I jinxed myself a bit with my comment in the last post about the area under the cast not itching - I’ve had a few pretty frustrating episodes, but fortunately nothing as bad as the allergy symptoms.

11 days to go and counting!

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  1. So sorry to hear the trauma you have been though. I look forward to hearing your updated report after the next visit.

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