Achilles Odyssey

The long road back


My surgery sounds very similar to many on this site. I had a very civilized 2PM surgery. I got there about two hours early, and was shown how to use crutches again, and asked about ten times if I was alergic to any medicines. I then clumsily got dressed in the hospital gown, robe, and slippers and made my way to the Pre Op room.

A friend of mine was having surgery on her ACL right before me by the same surgeon.  I was seated in a very comfortable chair next to her and given a warm blanket. We chatted for a while and wished each other luck, Then she was taken out for her surgery. I had a short conversation with the anesthesiologist and assisting surgeon (not sure if that is the correct term) I was asked to confirm which leg they would be operating on and marked it.

Soon after the surgeon popped out to tell me I was up soon. I asked about my friend and he told me she was great.  I got on a gurney and was wheeled into the OR. I was told to climb onto the table and lay on my stomach. An IV was inserted. There were about five people bustling around making preparations. I felt a little exposed with my backside out in the open. My nerves were calmed by the sedatives that shortly followed. The last thing I remember was the anesthesiologist telling me “now you are going to sleep”

From what I hear it took me a while to regain coherence,  but when I did I felt great.  I was ready to climb a mountain.  The surgeon told me the operation went well. I saw my friend in the post op. She was doing great but having so ill effects to percocet.  After a little recoup time and some papework, My Girlfriend took me home.

My ankle was in a splint for a week. I didn’t have much pain. The first few nights I took half a Percocet to ease discomfort at night. One day I might have taken a whole one. I suffered no side effects from the meds.  I was able to do a little work from my desktop, but if the foot was down for too long it would become uncomfortable due to swelling. Mostly I just lay on the couch with it raised.

After a week, the splint was taken off and I was placed in a cast. I had a choice of color,and chose black. In retrospect, I should have chosen a color that stands out more so people could see it and not walk into it.  After two weeks in the cast, I was put in a boot and told I could start Physical Therapy.  At first I hated the boot. It was a cumbersome, ugly  affair, and I didn’t know how I was going to live with it for weeks . I wanted my cast back! I got used to it very quickly, and of course loved being able to wash my foot.  Now I am wondering how I ever had such distaste for it in the beginning. I eagerly awaited my first PT session.

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