Great news but scary

Hey all this is Ty chilling in a raining day in NJ.  Today I had a post op appt. With surgeon and he told me to ditch the boot next week.  It’s like bang just go walking normal shoe at (Week 8).  He said my flexibility is great and swelling.  I start therapy this week [...]

Week 6 (swells only on the outside)

Hey team,
So at week 6 I only swell on the outside of my ankle towards the back near my heel.  Is this normal?
How is everyone’s swelling?

What does ATR scare look like at 5 weeks surgical

I’m wondering if I’m healing properly and I don’t go back to see my surgeon for 3 weeks.
I’m week 5 and 1 day.  I’m walking in boot without crutches. Whenever I’m sitting i have boot off and am always moving my foot ROM exercises.  Is there something else I should be doing?

Hello world! ATR on June 20, 2017

My name is Ty (USA –New Jersey)
40 year old female rupture my right Achilles tendon while playing basketball.  This was an all time big upset. I tore my Achilles playing basketball on my last day of school playing basketball with my students.  So my first day of summer break was spent in a soft [...]