Great news but scary

Hey all this is Ty chilling in a raining day in NJ.  Today I had a post op appt. With surgeon and he told me to ditch the boot next week.  It’s like bang just go walking normal shoe at (Week 8).  He said my flexibility is great and swelling.  I start therapy this week also.

How do you ditch the boot???

Fyi I’m so nervous to walk without it!!

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  1. Congrats on being able to ditch the boot! It would be nice if these doctors would give a little more direction, wouldn’t it?! My doctor told me to “take 2 weeks to wean out of the boot”. Basically, the day he said I could start, I just took it off and walked around in normal shoes until I felt like I needed to put it back on, either because of pain, or just lack of stability. I wore it out in public most of the time, but tried to go longer and longer st home without it. My PT said go without it for 1 hour the first day, then 2 hours the next, etc. After about 12 days I ditched it all together, because it actually became more annoying to have it on, than not to! The nervousness to walk without it will fade. I definitely had that too. Especially outside. Let your foot tell you. It will.

  2. Shell—thanks so much and yes it would be nice. My surgeon did the same at week 3. Took staples out cast off put me in a boot and said I’m FWB. What the what hahahaha

    So what I did was try to walk a little today around my house. I’ll do this each day more and more just to get comfortable inside. Next week I’ll try what you said 1 here and there. I’m a teacher so I’m so scare to go to work in shoes.

    What type of shoes did you start out wearing?

  3. I wore my running shoes (Mizuno enigma wave, I think!) for the first couple of weeks. At my last appointment with my surgeon a couple months ago, I mentioned that I had (and still have) a really sensitive painful area on the back/top/outside of my heel bone (I had a Haglund’s deformity removal and Achilles repair rather than ATR), that my shoes really bother. So he said, then wear sandals. So I have been ever since! I have Merrell sandals that are sort of a light hiking type sandal. The soles are quite firm and structured, the heel is a bit higher than the toe which my Achilles quite likes, and the back strap sits in a spot that’s ok for me. I wear them from the second my feet hit the floor in the morning, until I go to bed. Not sure what I’ll do once the weather gets cold. Hopefully by then I won’t mind a more structured shoe.

  4. My doc scheduled me to wean out of the boot. He said use shoes 25% of the time in the first week, 50% of the time in the second week, third week 75% of the time or not at all if my foot was OK. I think that started at week 8 for me. So I just scheduled a time during the day to not wear the boot. Usually it was in the morning since I tend to be at work in the afternoon and since I’m mostly sitting then wearing the boot was fine. And I started out wearing tennies with the heel inserts or my clogs that had about the same angle. I wasn’t able to get rid of the heel inserts for a bit longer.

  5. Thanks she’ll and cserpent.

    I’m going out to look for a pair of shoes.

    I start therapy tomorrow. Woohoo

  6. Hi ty620, I live in NZ. I am a teacher and am 3 days post op. In a cast that allows for swelling, so a type of splint/bandage. I have been given or have been told I will need to take 3 months off work by my surgeon. How long did you have off work? Feeling - MEH…:(

  7. I had surgery for a bone spur and my doc only said off work for 6 weeks. Basically for the entire time I was NWB. 3 months sounds excessive - but it depends on what work was. Mine is programming so I could have worked - if I had jobs lined up. After 6 weeks I was PWB and could definitely get around with my scooter when I wasn’t supposed to be walking. Now I couldn’t drive (surgery on right foot) initially - so working before I got the OK to drive would have been a major pain.

  8. Yes I cant drive and will definitely be taking at least 6 weeks off work and see how I go with my boot. Non weight bearing will be required during this time so its best Im at home. Obviously I will be listening to my body (leg) and see how I go …one day at a time with positive thoughts.

  9. If you can have someone take you to work– working wasn’t an issue for me. I sit at a desk and walk around minimal so if your job requires that– its better to be out and about sitting at work then sitting at home. When I sat at home I got really sad and depressed. I would highly suggest that if you are able to– go to work! It makes you mind more clear and happy! Just my thoughts on that! I had my co works car pool to pick me up and take me home. I was lucky for that. Other note– it is not illegal to drive with your left foot. When I needed to run out of the house for a few minutes down the road I drove with my left foot. Again that is legal– however if you aren’t very good at it or going long distance I suggest not doing that.

  10. Thanks for that….I will be taking my six weeks at home and then will be assessed to see how I can integrate back to work. Nope cant drive at all so that will be an issue regarding work. I must say …being at home can get depressing however I am loving my me

  11. Kahu45 - I think you are NZ? ACC will cover taxis to get you back to work. I ruptured my R Achilles last Monday, and I’m going back to work tomorrow. Also talk to ACC about getting any equipment you need to get back to work e.g. knee scooter, iWalk, stool for raising your leg. ACC can also help you with home help, if needed. You should be able to get back to work much quicker, sitting around home is no good for your mind!

  12. Hey kahu45 I went back to work at week 8 modified duty part time half days. Was release back to full days and duty week 12. At week 12 had my last visit with Surgeon. I had PT for 6 weeks.

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