What does ATR scare look like at 5 weeks surgical

I’m wondering if I’m healing properly and I don’t go back to see my surgeon for 3 weeks.

I’m week 5 and 1 day.  I’m walking in boot without crutches. Whenever I’m sitting i have boot off and am always moving my foot ROM exercises.  Is there something else I should be doing?

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  1. I am seven weeks out and have been in a boot for one week. I do the same with keeping my boot off when I am not walking. My doctor told me to listen to my body and rest as needed. He told me to do rom frequently and to ice and elevate it often. I use my knee scooter or crutches as needed. I try and do a lot of flexing and I am massaging my calf and scar. I have one wound from a staple that has not healed yet. I keep it covered with a bandaid when I have my boot on. I am using one of the soft extra pieces from the book over my scar area as a buffer from the friction. I have also been soaking in a warm bath with epsom salts almost every day. I think it is workng pretty good. I hav great rom and the pain in my calf and lower ankle is minimal. The only place I am having pain is on the bottom of my heel (I am assuming that is where he anchored my tendon). I bought a gel cup to use in my boot and that seems to help. I also bought an even up for my other foot and I highly recommend it. It is makng my gait so much better and helping with back/hip pain. I go back next week and am hoping I am doing everything right. I am feeling pretty strong, so I am optimistic. Hope some of this helps you!

  2. Hey Julia thanks for the update. I know your happy to go back to Dr next week. My Dr told me I could soak my foot in anything only showers. I think soaking it helps get rid of that dead skin etc. I still have scabs towards the heel not much.

    Are you putting any pressure on your foot while the boot is off?

  3. I have. I am not sure if I should, but it does not hurt. I have some slippers with memory foam that is very thick. I have been walking in them a little. I keep my scooter or a crutch close by, but I feel pretty god when walking in them. They are backless, so there is no pressure on my scar. I am going to tell my doctor on Tuesday. I am hoping I will be in shoes soon, but will probably wear my boot no matter what at school for a while. I will update after my appointment ☺️

  4. Hey Julie how are you doing? Just wanted to check on your ATR status I think we are on the same week with our recovery.

    Far as for me, I’m walking alot with out the boot home. I have been walking without a shoe on at home. Monday I’m going to try to walk with out the boot in a shoe around the house.

    My therapist try to wear a shoe with a little heel instead flats. So I’m thinking should I try a wedge scandal considering we have been on wedges.

  5. Hi there! I am doing pretty good. I go to the doctor this afternoon, and he said to bring shoes! Looks like I will be losing my boot!!! I have been walking around the house in no back slipper that have lots of memory foam. I do feel weak in my left leg, but I am hoping he will recommend pt. Last time I went, he still would not refer me, One of my good friends and co-workers is a PT and said if he won’t recommend, she will help me. I bought Alegria shoes from Zappos that have great support. My “good” foot feels great in them. They have great support and are great when you Re on your feet a lot. They are kind nd of pricey, but worth it. Sounds like you are doing well! Are you having any pain!

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