14 1/2 weeks post OP, released from Doctor

I am 14 1/2 weeks post OP from a double rupture. I have been doing my own rehab. Had shoulder surgery to repair a torn rotator and reattach tendons in rt. shoulder a week ago. Went to rehab for shoulder and had them check progress of achilles progress and they told me I was so far along that there wasn’t anything they could offer me. I have just about all strength back and are within a few degrees here and there of full range of motion! Happy times! I credit a lot of my quick recovery to my Vacocast Boots. By the way I have them for sale if any of you are interrested. It could help your recovery at a fraction of the cost of a new one. I have 2 to sell they are size medium. Check their site for sizing. Anyway I did some things on my own that were a little outside the box for my recovery. Massage,brushing area with back brush to stimulate suface blood flow, passive range of motion(early), active range of motion with theraband 6wks. post OP and Full weight bearing 5 1/2 wks. Post Op with Vacocast Boots locked at 30 deg plantar for 4 days then added 5 deg. towards dorsal every week and accelereated to 5 deg. dorsal by week 9. I still get tight here and now and do gentle stretches during the day and elevate for swelling which at this point is minimal. I will be careful in the coming months not to overstress and to listen to my bodies biofeedback. I know full recovery will take about a year post op and will just be patient as not to rerupture. I am happy for now to be able to walk with a normal gate and go up and down stair normally but slower than pre rupture.

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  1. I am duly impressed with the personal rehab and the fact that you are walking! Continued success in your rehab!

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