8 weeks post-op, stitches not completely removed

I’m now 8 weeks post op. A week ago I just started my physio. And today, (2nd appointment w/ the physio) she noticed that one of the stitches are still in! WTF! I’ve had two post-op visits with the surgeon and they missed it.

As she was doing a scar massage (very painful), she noticed that one end was poking out. The skin has already healed over the other end.

Has that happened to anyone? What did you do? Should I get it taken out or do it myself? It is very painful to touch.

3 Responses to “8 weeks post-op, stitches not completely removed”

  1. chris89 Says:

    Hmmm, how do you not look at your own wound to notice the stitches are not out? I would say cut it yeah, because at this point the stitch is preventing the body to heal properly. I had mine taken out at 4 weeks, so yeah. Good luck.

  2. normofthenorth Says:

    Unless you’re paying a bunch out of pocket, I’d make it a Doctor’s job. The skin stitches (or staples or clips or tape) usually all get removed. Sometimes a deeper layer of stitches start poking out - often “dissolving” sutures that don’t dissolve. Sometimes a minor nuisance, sometimes a serious problem. I’d get a pro involved. (See Gerry R’s blog for an extreme case. 4 surgeries total, then he was fine - finally!)

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