Shoulder and elbow pains

Hi, i had an achilles tendon surgery 3 weeks ago, recently my shoulders and elbow having a pain, first it was in the morning when i was sleeping, but now it hurts everytime. i guess it may coz of that i am using elbow crutches, but i am not going with it mostly, day time i am sitting on the bed and hanging my hands and surfing on my laptop, maybe coz of that? someone ever faced something like that? maybe walk with crutches without warm up?

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  1. Stuart on July 26th, 2011

    It could be that your crutches have not been fitted to you properly. Your elbow should only be bent slightly as you walk and the crutches should not press tightly under your armpits. You should no feel any weight under your armpits at all. Ill-fitting crutches will cause shoulder and elbow problems. I found moving to Canadian (forearm) crutches more comfortable when I was PWB.

  2. tulga on July 26th, 2011

    Yea strange, definitely i’m using forearm crutch , thought this crutch would be more comfortable …

    but loosk most of people using ambit crutch hannnn?

    If most people use forearm crutch then maybe it is not cause of that? maybe i need more exercise for arm? also mostly i sleep looking down and two sides, now sleeping all time looking up so maybe my shoulders not fitting it etc

  3. tulga on July 26th, 2011

    Thanks for the good advice Stuart, maybe i am not slighting the crutch, only problem is the stairs, my home is in 3rd floor so everytime i need to go down and go up by stairs and slightly not possible to walk through the stairs i think :(

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