4 months post op

I am exactly four months post op. My foot is still swollen, i know some swelling is normal, but my foot stays swollen. It isn’t just swollen when i use my foot it stays swollen. ¬†You can take your hand and grab, my ankle and your fingers will leave in indentation….is that normal? It hurts to walk, and i cant fully move my last two toes. I have been told it’s because of the swelling. I have 3 therapy sessions left and no more doctors visits. ….that seems odd. I thought the doctor would do follow ups to see my progress and to make sure everything is ok. I am just concerned most of my pain is in the ball of my foot when trying to walk.

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  1. LindaF on July 18th, 2015

    I would imagine if you feel that you want the OS to take another look, can’t you just set another appointment? I am a few weeks ahead of you and I agree that some swelling is normal. I know for me that I would have more swelling as day went on, but overnight and by morning, my foot typically returned to normal. About a month ago, I started to see a massage therapist, and since that time my swelling has pretty much disappeared. Also do they have you picking up marbles with your toes during PT? At first I couldn’t do it, but got much easier as I progressed. While my toes aren’t numb, my heel and incision area still a little numb. As far as your pain, not sure, that would be for your OS or PT to assess. It seems like you started PT and walking a little later than I did. However, I am currently walking without any issues/ pain. Hope you continue to progress in your recovery.

  2. michael67 on July 18th, 2015

    I am at week 16. A couple of weeks ago I was comparing my ability to wiggle my toes on both feet and I noticed that I couldn’t spread the last 2 toes on the operated side especially the pinkie toe. I also noticed that this affected the way my foot makes contact with the ground. The foot did not spread and my stability was affected. I started working on spreading the toes apart and restoring movement to the pinkie toe and in a day or so the toe was activated and started moving slightly. It gets better each day. My foot is only slightly swollen and is still a little discolored. I can’t advise you on the swelling or pain as everyone heals differently.

  3. truth78 on July 18th, 2015

    @LindaF… Thank you for the comment. My case is a workmans comp case, I can’t make another appointment the doctor has released me to go back to work. My swelling never goes away, it has gotten better but it is always there. I started walking/therapy really late. Therapy at week 12 and walking week 15. I wanted/needed more PT, but my doctor has not approved anymore. Thank you and I hope you stay strong and you continue to progress as well.

  4. truth78 on July 18th, 2015

    @michael67 Thank you… I never thought about that. I will start trying to spread my toes. I can move my pinky toe slightly but maybe that will help.

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