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16 weeks post op.

I am 16 weeks post op, i have been in therapy since June 5th. It feels good to have improvement, i am able to walk around the house without crutches.  When outside I am still using crutches, my foot is still pretty swollen. If i grab my ankle, my finger will leave an impression. My range of motion is still pretty poor, and i cannot balance on my bad foot yet. My doctor tells me I should be further along, but he didn’t approve for me to start therapy until week 13. Now my foot is still really stiff, my doctor told me today to just walk. No crutches at all which conflicts with my therapist my op feels I should be ready for normal activity in two weeks….. I dont know about that but we will see.

14 weeks post op

I have had three therapy appointments. I am still on crutches and the walking boot,although I am able to wear two shoes while at home. It feels good to actually wear two shoes again.  Hopefully by the end of the month I can totally get rid of the crutches. I have been told I will need more than four weeks of therapy, im just looking foward to the day I can walk freely.

First assessment for therapy.

I had my therapy appointment today, it was really just an assessment. The PT was against what has been going on with my doctor.  I am at 11 weeks post op and i haven’t done anything besides slightly raise my foot. My OP said i may be good,  and  able to go back to work after 4 weeks of therapy and i can put on a regular shoe and walk unassisted now. The PT examined me and realized, the range of motion of my foot is no where near where it needs to be for me to put regular shoes on(i still have wedges in my walking boot). My calf muscle has totally atrophied, and my leg muscles are weak from being on crutches since February. In 4 weeks or a little less i should be able to put the crutches down. He said i will need more therapy than 4 weeks. My dorsiflexion is at 0 and my planterflexion is at 7.I am very happy for this PT i finally feel like someone is on my side, looking out for what’s important…. My health

11th week post op appointment.

I had my 11 wok post op appointment today. My OP got right down to business. He told me it’s been 3 months since my surgery,it’s time to lose the boot and crutches,and put on a regular sh,I start therapy tomorrow. . I am extremely excited to get off of crutches but I’m hesitant. I don’t feel comfortable without the boot/crutches yet. I will be assessed tomorrow and they can tell me about how long they recommend I need therapy. As of right now I am going twice a week for 4 weeks. That seems kind of short but I will see….