10 weeks post op

I havent done any therapy yet,only raising and lowering my heel at home. I will push for it my next appointment,which ┬áis June 1st. The bottom part of my foot feels weird like it’s partially sleep..is this normal?. Also for most people how long doesttherapy normally last? I understand it’s a marathon not a sprint. I am just ready to get off these crutches. I would love to just have the walking boot.

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  1. retired65 on May 27th, 2015

    Just to share my experience with therapy (not saying that it is good or bad). My OS said that I did not need therapy also and in reading all the blogs I was in disagreement with him. However I ended up following his advice of daily walking (with a some of my own therapy). I am now at 40 weeks and I am able to play competitive pickleball without thinking about my affected side. Yes, it is still a little stiff and sometimes a little sore on the following morning but a day after, it is good to go again. I am also a good deal older than you at 66. As you read in the blogs, there are many paths to recovery and although they vary widely along the way, they seem to merge in the later stages of recovery. Best of luck to you.

  2. Stuart on May 27th, 2015

    Not sure about the foot. It could be some nerve disruption and if so it should go away in time. Your doctor also seems to have you on a much slower line than others so the questions you ask regarding PT are difficult to answer. Many people ask the same question and as it varies so much, because we all see different doctors and therapists, it would be impossible to give you even a vague expectation. 10 weeks on crutches though would drive me insane but I am sure your upper body is getting quite fit. Walking is great therapy for this injury but there were a few things the therapist showed me which really helped. It is more about them showing you what to do (and not to do) and you do it in your own time. Unless you are absolutely unique there is no reason why you should still be on crutches or in a boot apart from the fact your doctor is telling you to and you have put your trust in him. As my friend above has said, you will catch up and in the long term it will not be detrimental. Some doctors just like to keep you locked up until 12 weeks is gone and the re-rupture risk declines. Some patients do silly things or trip and ruin the doctor’s good work. It is all about finding a balance.

  3. truth78 on May 28th, 2015

    @Retired65….thanks for the wisdom. I will try and just be patient.

  4. truth78 on May 28th, 2015

    @Stuart…..thank you,man it’s been 10 weeks since my surgery March 16th. Lol I have been on crutches since February 13th. I’m going crazy,but I understand It’s a process.

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