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I fully tore my achilles playing basketball  on February 13 2015 (yes friday the 13th lol). I had surgery on March 16th and was placed in a hard cast.  April 20th I was placed in a walking boot. I am seven weeks post op and I’m only able to put 10%of my weight on my achillies. My next appointment is May 11, i am curious as to what is next. When do I start therapy? How long before I’m  able to walk without crutches?

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  1. Claus on May 5th, 2015


    I was put into a walking boot about a week and a half after surgery. I’m not over three weeks post-op and I can bear all my weight. Dr. said to go ahead and start full-weight bearing over the next several days. I have chronicled my adventure. Just Google search “DanishboySJ Wordpress” and it should come up in case you want the details of what I’ve been doing.

  2. cpo on May 5th, 2015

    As others have noted, there are a lot of protocols out there and some move more conservatively than others…but all of them seem to converge by the one year mark. I had surgery on March 17, was FWB in a walking cast on April 29, and am now in a plastic boot with two wedges.

    I pressed my doc as to why I wasn’t moving faster, and he said that in his opinion, slower is good as the risk of elongation is reduced dramatically (and healing short is much less common).

    I had two days interval between injury and surgery, so perhaps that was a consideration in my timeline, not sure. You may have been very retracted by the time you had surgery. It seems worth asking what your surgeon’s typical timeline is for someone of your age and condition. Mine suggested 3 months until two shoes.

    I did start PT on day 43. It’s just light work for now, lots of ROM, but good to feel like I’m moving forward.

    Not sure how much this info helps, but I wish you a great recovery and every day does seem a bit better for me. Hopefully for you, as well.

  3. glenskieus on May 5th, 2015

    Hi Truth , Agree with CPO.. Better consult with your OS, But also you can help your self by RICE and gentle massage. I am now in 2 shoes but I know still a long road to recovery. Some goes early in WB & 2 shoes but still almost the same time to fully recovered. 6 months to 1 year.

    Happy Healing..

  4. truth78 on May 6th, 2015

    Thanks.. Claus i will look and see. Thank you Cpo that does help. My op told me i could be back at work in three months. That just seemed like a short time. I have a physical job a lot of walking climbing ladders and some stairs. So my achillies will have to be strong before i go back to work. I havent even done therapy, in fact my op said i may not need therapy. I should also mention my case is an oji(on job injury case) so i am dealing with a doctor my company provided. Thank you Glenskieus that is what i thought the time table was between 6 to twelve months.

  5. cpo on May 9th, 2015

    Surprised to hear that your surgeon is suggesting no PT, as I’ve found it a really important source of information that fills the gap between my surgeon and me.

    A good PT will be able to answer the day-to-day questions that are common in recovery–or at least provide insight based on experience (risks, best way to transition to fewer wedges in your boot, how your swelling compares to others at the same time frame, etc. etc.).

    That said, not sure the insurance/coverage implications for you. If you don’t have the option for PT, you might want to get a protocol from your surgeon that you can at least follow on your own.

    In any case, good luck and hope that you are back on your feet soon!

  6. Herewegoagain on May 9th, 2015

    PT in my opinion is hugely important- if you aren’t covered for extensive visits a lot can be done on your own, having a plan really helps though.

    Neither of my surgeons felt I needed PT but I can’t imagine how I would have got the recoveries I have without specific plans. Maybe just me!

    I got married on Friday 13 with 13 guests- for me it is a lucky number!
    All the best

  7. donna on May 9th, 2015

    I’ve spoken with you before, not sure what state you’re in but you have legal rights under workers comp to change physicians. I’d get one who knows that it is standard to have PT with this injury. You will need some PT and as a oji you have a right to get it. You can’t reach MMI without it.

  8. truth78 on May 9th, 2015

    Thanks Cpo my next appointment with the op is Monday the 11th hopefully pt will start soon after that.

  9. truth78 on May 9th, 2015

    Herewegoagain i feel the same way about pt i know it is covered under law for my injury. For me to get MMI pt is necessary.

  10. truth78 on May 9th, 2015

    Donna.. I’m in Tx, the op told me that before surgery. My next appointment Monday i will be more upfront asking him about therapy. At first i was just afraid not to appear to go against his orders. Therefore causing an issue with workmans comp. But he has dropped the ball on a couple of things, somi am no longer worried about saying aomething. Its crazy…. When i went from the cast to a boot he didnt even look at my foot/achilles. I asked why he said because it was fine when he put the cast on. And that i wasnt in constant pain.

  11. glenskieus on May 12th, 2015

    Hi Truth, How did you file as On Job Injury? Considering you said you tore your achilles playing basketball? Maybe i can make mine On Job Injury also(maybe too late). Lol

  12. truth78 on May 12th, 2015

    Glenskieus… . We have a company basketball court at my job location. We go and play on our breaks/lunch sometimes,we also have a gym,they treat us really good.

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