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10 weeks post op

I havent done any therapy yet,only raising and lowering my heel at home. I will push for it my next appointment,which  is June 1st. The bottom part of my foot feels weird like it’s partially this normal?. Also for most people how long doesttherapy normally last? I understand it’s a marathon not a sprint. I am just ready to get off these crutches. I would love to just have the walking boot.

I had my 8 week post op appointment today. The doctor told me to start trying to move my foot,rotating my ankle up and down. He also mentioned its to early for physical therapy. My next appointment is in three weeks, my op feels that with my age(36) i may not need therapy. My next appointment is june 1st,he will evaluate me then to see if therapy is needed.

My story

I fully tore my achilles playing basketball  on February 13 2015 (yes friday the 13th lol). I had surgery on March 16th and was placed in a hard cast.  April 20th I was placed in a walking boot. I am seven weeks post op and I’m only able to put 10%of my weight on my achillies. My next appointment is May 11, i am curious as to what is next. When do I start therapy? How long before I’m  able to walk without crutches?