Yesterday was the first full day I went out in two shoes.  Although moving at snails pace, it was a very uplifting feeling.  

The only real complaint I have now is that the achilles tightens up quite frequently throughout the day, especially sitting at work, but after a quick stretch session the tension is relieved and it feels much better.

As the good weather is finally arriving in NYC , I find myself even more anxious to just do something.  I know I’m in it for the long haul, so I’ve found other new ways to stay preoccupied (besides TV).  Ultimately, the slow and steady turtle will win this race.

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5 weeks has really flown by and I am officially PWB.  It was a challenge attempting to walk , but after some practice it felt good to put some weight on the foot again.  I move 10 times slower, but it beats bending my knee and keeping it up any day.

It’s been a frustrating couple days, but after each PT session I feel rejuvenated and focused.    Started working on the stationary bike and more flexibility and balance exercises.  Every session we measure the degree angle in which my foot can bend (dorsiflexion) and can visually see progress…nothing like a confidence and mental boost to start the day.

I can’t emphasize enough how having a gf and friends constantly around helps the process of recovery.  The emotional challenges or physical therapy can definitely weigh you down, I know it has for me, and its only been 2 weeks!  Which is why this site is so helpful.

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Went in for my first PT session on Friday, exactly 3 weeks post-op.  The swelling had increased a bit, so she began massaging and working my leg and lymph nodes to help reduce swelling.  After several minutes, she measured my foot and the swelling had in fact gone down a little.

We began with some stretching exercises, mainly the knee, as I had kept it bent pretty the entire time since sugery.  It felt great to outstretch my leg fully without fear of affecting the achilles.  Then the hard part came in trying to bend my foot and point toes towards my body.  Hands down the most discouraging moments I have felt so far throughout this experience as my toes would not move.  As much as my brain was telling the foot to move, it barely twitched.  Patience, she said. 

Before ending the session with an ice wrap, she taped my leg with a product called Kinesio tape.   If any of you are familiar with this, it was widely popular in the Beijing Olympics.  She said it would help to alleviate the swelling by increasing the circulation and flow of the fluids and muscular activiy in my leg.  I didnt understand this process, but it seemed very interesting so I read up about it directly after leaving PT.  the website is .  I also have some pics below.

leg kinesio -sideleg kinesio-top

Starting next week, I will have PT 3 times a week so I am now officially on the road to recovery!

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2 and a half weeks post surgery the Dr put me into the boot.  Staples came out with some trouble, but the incision looks to be healing well.  After a couple of days in the boot and wearing a sock, there still seems to be a good amount of perspiration.  When I do take my foot out of the boot to get some air, I become extremely nervous that Ill forget and try to stand up or kick something.  Starting PT next week, approx 3 weeks post-op and looking forwards to it…anything that is a progression to recovery!

I have been working from home for 3 weeks  (2 weeks post-op) and was planning to go into work this week, however, there was a snowstorm here in NY.  I definitely don’t want to risk any chance of slipping  on any ice or even snow salt since I am still NWB and using both crutches.  Ingrained in my head is the constant fear of re-injuring myself while going to work. 

The Dr told me I could begin to put weight on the foot as it allows, but I am just too paranoid to even try.  How lond did most of you begin to put even the slightest weight down?  How tight do you strap on the boot?  When/Do you take the boot off? 

Any other advice for boot wearing is appreciated!

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Went to the doctor 1week post-op and the incision is healing very well.  Finally got to see the incision and stitches and didn’t really bother me, so that was a relief.  There is minimal swelling and by next week I will be in a boot.  I’m really looking forward to gettng out of this cast and starting physical therapy.  Just doing anything beats sitting on the couch and watching tv or reading. 

Hope all the other ATR-ers are doing well!

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Hi all,

After that fateful “pop” a week ago and surgery 5 days ago, I’ve had a lot of couch time reading up on ATR injuries and glad to have found this site.  Can’t say I’m not frustrated with the situation, but really looking forward to a speedy recovery.

My first post-op appointment is this Friday and I’ve made sure to keep my leg elevated all day, so hopefully the incision is healing properly. 

Any advice on sleeping positions?  Sleeping on my stomach seems to be most comfortable but the leg seems to cramp up sometimes.   

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