A Year and 2 months…

August 19, 2010 | |

I have continued to ghost and check things out on the site, but am now writing after finishing that grueling 26.2 some 2 or so months ago.

My tendon is healthy, my leg stronger, and I’m feeling normal.  My Achilles is never far from my mind and how I’ve survived its rupture, though.  I guess it will be one of those things I never forget.  My gastrocnemius muscle is not as built-up as my right leg, but it is only a slight difference that I can tell - no one else seems to be able to!  I feel like the strength, overall, is about 99%.

What’s been a very interesting development since my injury is the knee and plantar pain that I experienced on my left side (IL) pre-injury is practically non-existent.  Instead, my right side has picked up pain in weird places.  Sometimes I’ll feel some lateral miniscus pain that eventually goes away.  And I sometimes get right big toe pain that feels like it’s being stretched.  It’s totally weird.  Having done nothing out of the ordinary, I do wonder if even the slightest bits of overcompensation that may continue unbeknownst to me on my right side are causing this.

I am so very appreciative of all the support that I received on this site.  I honestly took a chance checking the Web post injury just to see if I could get some medical information about what I was to go through.  This site can do what doctors can’t- give true experiential accounts about the process of healing and build incredible comaraderie as like individuals share their grief and joy.

I love having this record of my Achilles journey.  Although I wish never to have to go through it again, I hope this site stays around forever.  Thanks, Dennis.  And to my fellow Achilles injury conquerors.


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  1. dennis on August 20, 2010 6:25 AM

    Tamar - Thanks for checking back, and it’s great to hear that your leg is close to 100%. I can relate to your knee pain stories, as both of my knees have been bothering me.. with pain that comes and goes at unpredictable times.
    Glad that you found AchillesBlog helpful in your recovery, and I am very appreciative of our little community as well. thanks for your kind words.

  2. Fidel on March 8, 2011 10:03 PM

    Do you think it’s possible to run before walking downstairs? In looking at the running motion, the ankle doesn’t seem to go through the ROM that going downstairs requires. Any thoughts? I’m at 14 weeks….


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