Physical Therapy is done!!!!! I graduated

My last physical therapy session was this morning and I am now done! I can jog and do poly exercises with full motion in my ankle! I just have to continue to build strength in the calf itself. Any ideas on exercises?

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  1. WAY TO GO!!!
    I head in on Monday 03/08/2010 for my eval with the PT and I could maybe say good bye to the Therapy too.

    I wish they’d allow me to try a light jog on a treadmill, but they say no not for 4 or 5 more weeks. I guess that means I don’t get to do my 5k at the end of May that I did last year.

    Good Luck and keep us posted.

  2. It is hard to recommend exercises without knowing how much strength your calf has. Can you lift your weight with your injured leg’s calf alone? If not, how hard can you comfortably press your toes into a bathroom scale?


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