I am in two shoes! First time since Nov. 7, 2009 and boy am I happy about it! The leg is stiff and a bit sore but I can walk without pain and PT has been going well so a few more weeks and then its race time!!!!!

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  1. I have my doctors appointment next week and I think he is going to say you can wear 2 shoes again. I have been trying just a little at home to walk without the boot and I am so slow, how have you found the transition any tricks?

  2. I would say just using the theraband exercises from the pt to gain range of motion.

  3. I am in two shoes too!!! I walk with a bit of limp, and stiffness. It has been two weeks, when does the soreness and limp goes away? It is difficult trying to find shoes that don’t irritate the achilles. Any suggestions??

  4. Crocs are your friends.

  5. That’s fantastic! I know we shouldn’t compare, but I ruptured mine November 3rd…and I’m not there, yet. But I’m happy for you, walk on!

  6. Congrats Tripleh, way to go. Life begins to get a little more ‘normal’ from here….be sure to let us know how you find adjusting to life in shoes…!!

  7. When can you wear normal but sensible shoes, i.e. not trainers? Am so fed up with them. Do insoles help the sore feet and if so what please?

    Any idea when you can progress to climbing stairs , can you climb stairs on crutches or not?

  8. rosamundi, there are three basic ways to do stairs (up and down) with crutches. The most basic is on your arse — never actually done it myself. The best way, IF there’s a good banister there, preferably on your “bad foot” side, especially on your way DOWN, is to put both crutches together in the “good side” hand (under that arm), and put much of your weight on your banister hand/arm. One step at a time, slowly, no distractions, of course!
    The other way, usually best for going up and for up and down without a good banister, is just crutch-walking. Let’s take down first:
    Creep as close to the edge of the floor as you can, e.g. with your good foot toes over the stairs. Put both crutches down one step, shift your weight to the crutches, and move your good foot down to the next step. (If you’re Partial WB, you can put your “bad” foot down the step first; if Non-WB, I usually hold it up behind me.)
    I find it helpful to lean/drag against the adjacent wall. One step at a time, slowly, no distractions, of course!
    I think it also helps to “sneak” your center of gravity toward the next step. So if you’re crutching down, bend your knee so your armpits are almost on the crutch handles BEFORE you take the step. And stand tall AFTER you take the step. That way your upper body hardly has to move when you step. (This is a skier’s trick, and crutching down stairs is a bit like downhill skiing!)
    Going up is similar, except you want to “stand tall” before taking the step and be a bit crouched right after.
    It’s possible to go up stairs with the double-crutch on one side and the banister on the other, but I find it harder than just crutch-walking up — too much like hopping up a flight of stairs!
    The Internet has several manuals on using crutches, and I assume they’re pretty good. It’s important to have crutches that are adjusted well. (If you didn’t get a quick course on using them, they may not have been adjusted well, either!)

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