Broken Boot

Ok I was getting around in my boot really well and I heard a loud pop!!! I broken my boot one of the large metal pieces broke. So I scheduled an appointment for tomorrow afternoon, So I guess I will get to go into two shoes tomorrow!!!

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  1. Well, that’s one way to get there :) I’ll have to start treating my boot worse!

  2. Sure is…..

  3. i’m kind of disappointed i never got the boot, my surgeon said he didn’t think i would need it. is there any advantages of using the boot?

  4. Oh wow, so what are you going into after you come out of the cast?

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  5. Don’t be disappointed. I never had a cast so I can’t directly compare weights, but the boot is heavy and it really gets to be a drag when you’re on crutches. I understand your procedure and I understand using only the boot, what I don’t understand is having someone in a cast for several weeks and then putting them into the boot. That just seems ridiculous. If things had gone according to plan I was PWB 2 weeks after surgery and was supposed to be FWB 2 weeks after that and 2 shoes as soon after that as I could do it. That’s the protocol my surgeon has used for several years and he says he’s never had anyone re-rupture.

  6. The boot is like like a fort around your leg. A protection if you like. Your ankle is so delicate if anything bumps your leg (ankle) area its a refuge. I also note that the straps around your leg gives one sta bility well it is working for me. The boot is a comfort to me,

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