Physical Therapy is done!!!!! I graduated

My last physical therapy session was this morning and I am now done! I can jog and do poly exercises with full motion in my ankle! I just have to continue to build strength in the calf itself. Any ideas on exercises?

PT almost done….

I am almost done with PT only two weeks left I am up to light jogging on treadmill now and have had some sharp pains in the heel but I believe they will vanish soon……


I am in two shoes! First time since Nov. 7, 2009 and boy am I happy about it! The leg is stiff and a bit sore but I can walk without pain and PT has been going well so a few more weeks and then its race time!!!!!

Broken Boot

Ok I was getting around in my boot really well and I heard a loud pop!!! I broken my boot one of the large metal pieces broke. So I scheduled an appointment for tomorrow afternoon, So I guess I will get to go into two shoes tomorrow!!!

The Boot is Here……

I have had the boot for 24 hours now and I love the mobility that I have now!!!!! It takes me awhile to get around and my heel hurts alot but I can move!!!! Yipppeeeee!!!! Sleeping without a 20 pound cast is great too! Wasn’t much atrophy to the leg either but the skin has chipped away a great deal……

90 degree cast

I have had my 90 degree cast on for a few weeks and I get it off finally tomorrow at 2 p.m.!! Yipppppeeeee!!! I can’t wait to get into the walking boot, during this journey I have met a bunch ATR members at various events (i.e. pistons game, banquets and such) we compare cast or details about whats coming next!

TEARing up the Court!

A simple cut on the left wing and a loud POP with a who the heck kicked me? Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier! I was on the floor and out for the count! I officially joined the ATR on November 7, 2009 around 8:30 p.m.  Now I have something in common with Dominque Wilkins, Isiah Thomas, Elton Brand and many others that have suffered a ATR!

November 7th- the Tear happens!

November 16th- Surgery date- Finally!!!!

December 4th- The first cast comes off! Yes and Yuck after seeing my leg for the first time in a few weeks!!! I thought I would have gotten a walking boot but nope not until December 22nd!