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Jul 01 2013

4 Month Video Update

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I keep forgetting to post this video update of my progress. You can see that I am not getting the same height on the left leg as the right leg, but pretty happy with my progress, especially my single heel raises.

Video was too big to add so have just included a link:

And I have progressed to small jumps with the physio. My left knee is making some interesting noises with the single leg bends, so we have gone back to doubles until it gets more strength. Doesn’t hurt, but it doesn’t sound great either! Another week before I go back - up to 2.5 weeks apart, and focusing more on my core now than my Achilles.

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Jun 06 2013

Released from the surgeon!!

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15 weeks since injury today, and I have been released from my surgeon. Well, he didn’t operate so technically my consultant.. But he doesn’t want to see me again which is awesome! And the best news is that he is going to get the private hospital that I was going through to stock the Vacocast now instead of what they are currently using because of the success I have and with it. Feels great to know that my injury and recovery is going to help others. In other news I am allowed to progress back into dancing in 2 months and I can wear HEELS!! No skyscrapers, but heels!! Will start very small as I don’t want to reinjure myself. He was very happy with my ROM, particularly dorsiflexion, and the feel of my tendon. and he said that my walk is so good that you wouldn’t know i had ever been injured. And my single heel raises are progressing very well. I can control the raise up whilst holding onto something, but not attempting to get my heels right up at the moment. Incrementally… Still being very cautious on stairs and stepping off kerbs etc, but Life is good :)

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