Oct 18 2013

8 Month Mark

Published by trin74 at 7:09 AM under 6 Month Mark

Hard to believe it has been 8 months already, and sometimes it is hard to believe it is ONLY 8 months (or very nearly!). Life has been pretty busy. One of my biggest goals when I first ruptured was to be able to be recovered sufficiently to attend a field trip for work in Spain with lots of hiking and hill climbs. Well, the field trip was 2 weeks ago, and I was more than capable of the activity. My physio had wanted to stop seeing me about 1.5months ago as she said there was nothing much more she could do for me than I was doing for myself already, but I asked to keep going until last week. It felt great to “close” a book on that chapter, but I also felt a little emotional as well which I wasn’t expecting. As to where I am at right now - well, I barely notice my Achilles for normal activities. Sometimes first thing in the morning if I have done a lot of activity the day before I notice a slight tightness for the first few steps. My calf is close to normal size, still a little bit more slender than the other, but working on it (I think it actually looks more defined than the good one). I do notice calf tightness which I have to be careful to stretch/release. I am very stable with heel raises and walking on my toes, or even balancing on the bad side on my toes. The physio could not notice a difference between the two, but I do still a slight difference in strength. I still do my ballet, but am now focusing on getting the spring back into my foot for jumps etc to be more similar to the good leg. I am definitely further down the track than I ever expected or hoped to be at this stage. This website and the help and advice from people on here were definitely a major contributor - THANK YOU everyone!

6 Responses to “8 Month Mark”

  1. normofthenorthon 18 Oct 2013 at 9:33 AM

    Great stuff!

  2. kellygirlon 18 Oct 2013 at 5:11 PM

    It sounds like you are good as new! I’m so impressed with your progress, Trin! You are an inspiration. I know symmetry is overrated but I’m thrilled that you are getting close–hope for us all :)

  3. normofthenorthon 18 Oct 2013 at 6:43 PM

    One more poster-gal for fast pain-free non-op treatment! :-)

  4. trin74on 19 Oct 2013 at 8:16 AM

    Thanks Kelly and Norm, and yes, I am ever so glad I chose the non-op treatment with early mobilisation and the vacoped boot! My recovery has surpassed my expectations, and I just hope that the more success stories we have, the more the surgeons and physios will recommend this treatment. But the biggest thing I learnt from this experience was to be proactive!

  5. craiger9eron 21 Oct 2013 at 3:49 AM

    Awesome news, keep up the great work

  6. Riprap roaron 03 Nov 2013 at 12:51 AM

    Hi trin
    Most excellent recovery,
    I feel a guilty not being on here for some time to help others as I have been helped. it’s been a great source of comfort, norm kg good to see your both helping others, I will also try to do my bit.

    Trin, we have the same timelines, I’m a bit behind your progress but not unduly worried, I’ve been constantly travelling for over 10 weeks, and flit from one country to another almost daily, with the exception of a 2week vacation in Florida , where my pt was walking the theme marks and mega mall shopping.

    So where am I in my progress, well I can toe lift stably nearly as high as the good leg, tiptoe, walk forever, some 8 days or so ago I managed to get back to the uk for 2 days so paid a visit to my physio, who said she would try my gentle running, this is how it went, she checked my con and eccentrics, then asked my to jump on a box, talk about being apprehensive, but I did it no problem, then she got a ladder on the floor asked me to do a series of jumps, quick steps etc, a bit like brady browne does on his last vid, I managed it, then came the running she wanted me to run the hall which is 50 feet or so, each time she told me faster , no pause on the ATR leg etc, now run the ladder , now another run but faster, the running session lasted 15 mins or so, it may seem stupid but I felt like a giant, it was a real sense of achievement, I just now need time to carry on, on that note china next stop , good bye all ill be back to look over the site daily and do my best to help others but can see norm and kg doing their bit, true at Heros
    RRR xxx

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