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Aug 21 2013

6 Month Mark “already”!

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Well - I hit the 6 month mark today. It’s hard to believe that half a year has passed since I first ruptured my achilles. I remember thinking how far off the 6 month mark was, and how it felt it would take forever to get here, and then you start weight bearing, the boot comes off, you progress in 2 shoes… and suddenly you’re there. I definitely did not expect to be as far along the recovery path as I am now - I didn’t expect to feel so normal. Yes - I know that I can expect full recovery around the 12 month mark - but really the only time I notice my achilles now is first thing in the morning - or if I go for a longer hike and it start to tire. I have been back doing ballet again everyday for the last month - just at home even though class would probably be fine - but in a class situation I know I would push myself further than I probably should. I still see the physio every 3 weeks, and she is continuing to be extremely pleased with my recovery, especially when she compares me to her other Achilles cases at present (surgical cases I might note!). She says the Achilles feels almost normal now, is 2-3 times thinner than her other case at this stage, and my calf circumference needs a little bit of work - but is almost back to size (ballet definitely helping with that). Doing lots of lunges forwards and sideways, single jumps forwards/back and sideways (and holding the landing), lots of heel walks and toe walks (I do these up and down the hallway at work to my colleagues’ amusement), and the ballet has a lot of holds on demi pointe which has really helped with my strength (and also core work). I can go for long walks - and hiking in uneven terrain. I no longer have a slightly pinker leg when I stand, and there is minimal swelling after “hard” use. My goal at the start was to be able to handle rougher terrain for a field trip in Spain next month - I no longer have any concern about that which is great. Yes - of course I will still be careful, but it’s another month away and I have been able to handle longer hikes in rough terrain for almost over a month. My new big goal is my full return to dancing. As irish dance (what I am a qualified teacher for - and the activity I was doing when I full ruptured) is very demanding - I know it is at least 3 months away - but I hope to return to ballet classes before then. Meanwhile I do up to an hour and a half each day at home - and it has been great watching my strength start to increase again. Doing exercise to music is way more fun for me than just straight exercises! WIll keep everyone updated as I hopefully reach more of my goals - and hoping that everyone is progressing well in their recovery!

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