May 22 2013

13 Weeks and starting to feel semi-normal again

Published by trin74 at 9:10 PM under Two Shoes

13 weeks tomorrow - and I actually am starting to feel normal again (I know - don’t get ahead of myself, remain cautious etc!). But, I have gotten to the point where I am walking normally with push through, I can walk downstairs normally in both shoes and bare feet (I always make sure the whole foot is safely on the step still), my ROM is almost 100%, and the tightness in the dorsiflex position has decreased heaps. People who don’t know about my ATR can’t tell. It feels great. I know I have a long way to go - and everything is incremental - but it’s great to stand up from my chair at work to go get something without having to stretch first just to walk semi normally. On the weekend I was away in the countryside, and went on heaps of slow walks over uneven ground. Pulled up really well afterwards - and was really happy with how my Achilles coped with it seeing I am used to mainly walking on flat ground at the moment.

I had another physio appointment today - she was very happy that all the exercises she set last time I can do. My two legged heel raises are now executed with my heels right up, with slow lowering down on the bad leg. One leg heel raise is progressing - heel is just up slightly - but not pushing it as keeping it incremental. My new exercises (which I was already doing some of) is straight and bent leg stretches against the wall, keep working on the single heel raise, and on a step to do 10 repetitions (x3) of slight stretches with a small amount of load bearing with my heel over the edge (weight still on the other leg as well) for 2 seconds at a time. Have to be really careful NOT to put all the weight on my bad leg- just minimal for the moment.

Off to Edinburgh for the weekend. WHen it was booked ages ago I was so worried that I would have to walk around Edinburgh in my boot, and not be able to do much. It’s so great to be progressing so well. I think a positive attitude (and sticking to your exercises) are key! Wishing everyone well in their recovery! 1/4 of the way there now!!

3 Responses to “13 Weeks and starting to feel semi-normal again”

  1. alton2012ukon 22 May 2013 at 11:12 PM

    Hey Trin, great attitude and positivity. Keep at those pesky heel raises. They take time to build but over the weeks you’ll see the strength and control on the singles come through. I finally stopped doing hoppy single heel raises just after week 22 and now control the lift off. Just need to gain some more height now.
    Good Luck.

  2. kellygirlon 23 May 2013 at 1:04 AM

    Sounds like you are turning a corner and doing great! Thanks for sharing your experience–incremental sounds like the right approach. Have fun in Edinburgh!

  3. Jackon 23 May 2013 at 4:09 AM

    Excellent progress. I’m at 11 weeks today and haven’t even started physical therapy (hopefully next week). I’ve been 2 shoes for about 2 weeks now and my limp is definately getting better but still quite pronounced. I’ve been doing exercises on my own at the YMCA - eliptical trainer, stationary bike, and a bunch of weight training (none on the calf or injured foot yet). I’ve also been going the single heel lifts in the swimming pool and gradually moving into shallower water to slightly increase the effort. I’m relieved to hear that your progress is coming along so well - it gives me something to look forward to. Hang in there!

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