One small step….6 weeks, two shoes

Had my six week since surgery visit today.  Doc felt down the tendon for breaks and pronounced everything A-OK.  Off went the boot and on went my running shoe with an insole to raise it up.  He gave me two simple exercises to do for next two weeks:  two foot toe raises and standard calf stretch (two hands on wall, one foot back, one foot forward and lean forward to feel stretch on back leg).  Said to be cautious with these and that goal in 6 weeks is to be able to do toe raise with one foot.  No P-T so he is counting on me to be diligent, which I will.  I went for walk around the block and felt pretty good rediscovering my foot.  It is certainly tight back there but I know there is a long road ahead or as the doctor said, “this is where it becomes a marathon and not a sprint.”  Can’t wait to drive again and regain some much-needed independence.

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  1. Hello Triguy-Wow, you are making a fantastic recovery-glad to hear you hit 2-shoes and are walking again at 6 weeks!! Funny how are situations are so similar with an ATR on the same day and I’m also 42 and was playing basketball. After reading your posts and others I am moving forward more quickly while trying not to over do it. Started FWB with the boot on today which felt pretty good although my calf is sore. The Dr. said I should be able to go 2-shoes by 8 weeks so I’m right behind you. Thanks for sharing your progress it will be good to stay in touch as we continue on the long journey back.

  2. Congrats on the FWB with the boot. Must feel great! I remember how sweet those first few steps felt without the crutches. It only gets better from here. My calf is sore today too, which is probably understandable when we go through these transition. You will find yourself to be quite mobile with that boot over time. I already miss it as I am not as quick getting around and find myself being tentative again. Two shoes forward, one shoe back I guess (lame attempt at humor). So, I am walking out of the doctor’s office today and I realize that I have forgotten the most important question…when can I drive again? The answer I was expecting was…Today of course. So I ask his nurse as the doc was seeing another patient and she says..”Hmm..I think standard protocol is 3 months.” My mind starts racing…you must be kidding me. So, I ask if she can check with the doctor and tell her, “I think I will keep asking everyone until I get the answer I want.” She then comes back and says when you feel like you can get around independently you should be OK. I have plans to drive a few blocks tomorrow.

  3. Hey Triguy–How is it going in 2-shoes? I think you hold the record on this site for the quickest pace to walking again. I have been trying 2 shoes the past 5 days and if I walk too far I get really sore so had to go back to using the boot for long distances (I have a rather long walk as part of my daily commute to work). Any suggestions for making the transition to walking normally again? Hope all is going well for you. Cheers, Bode

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  5. With this being my ever first sports injury, thank yu for sharing your road back to recovery. In my second week after surgery & dreading the time ahead due mainly to the inconvenience and not knowing when things will be healed and back to normal. You either have a good doc or are naturally easy to recover ..

  6. Thank you for sharing your recovery.. You’re indeed brave person.

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