anyone know of any good vitamins to take to aid recovery. I forgot to ask my doc.

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  1. bryan Says:

    Niacin is great for wound healing.
    I’ve been taking Niacin as well as Vitamin E.


  2. kkdub Says:

    I’m taking fish oil, daily multi viti, and my trainer says for healing and collagen repair - at least 4K mg of viti C a day! I heard other say this too. I’ll be curious to what others are doing.

  3. gotthat77 Says:

    I take Vitamin E, C, B complex, Zinc, Fish Oil,and Glucosamine.

  4. jim Says:

    Well, I know vitamin C is very necessary for collagen formation, which is what tendon is made of. Without vitamin C, you can’t produce collagen. I don’t know if more will help, but I figure if a little is good, then a ton of it must be better! I take Vit-C, and glucosamine with MSM. I take some other supplements, but not daily because I forget, but I never forget the Vit-C and Glucosamine. No risk of me becoming a Scurvy Dog!

  5. bryan Says:

    You…In a previous post, I said that I was talking Niacin….my bad….I’m actually taking Zinc. Sorry about that.


  6. dancer Says:

    In the Uk i just went to the pharmacy to get vitamins today and was advised to get a vitamin that contains Glucosamine omega 3 and chondroitin company name seven seea’s joint care. They told me to choose any of that range. Description says….
    glucosamine lays down the foundation for everyday rebuilding of connective tissue around joints inc TENDONS, ligaments,cartilage.
    Chondrotin is present in cartilage and connective tissue involved in the attraction of fluid that lubricates joints
    After reading these posts i will also start taking vitamin C

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