plantar fasciitis

Hi things are going ok but I was wondering if anybody else has had a problem with there plantar fascia after a rupture .I have a very physical job and am on my feet all day its ok in the morning but as the day goes on it feels like I am walking on broken glass .My calf  also swells up .Any advice or  exercises appreciated.

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  1. Hi TB, - been there, its horrible. I ended up with a steroid injection into the heel. I was told to roll the foot over a bottle of frozen water - not sure it made any difference - also did some foot exercises and the same exercises I did for the AT also helped. In the end I got an overnight splint called a strassburgh sock ( I bought another splint but the strassburgh sock was the best for me). It really helped me. Do your research on PF, look on u tube there is a lot of helpful information here along with ideas about how to tape the foot. My PF was in the opposite foot. My injection was image guided with local anaesthetic. The PF is closely related to the AT so its quite common to hear people on this site complain about both. lastly you may need the biomechanics sorted out. If you over pronate find out if you need inserts into your shoes as they will help. all the best.

  2. Not sure mine was really PF, but like most ATR patients I had a super-sensitive bottom of “that” foot, especially under the heel, when I started FWB and in 2 shoes (or barefoot). Rolling my foot over a ball seemed to help, as did protecting and soothing it with gel footbeds (in the boot) and Crocs (for the shoes).

    I did have a seriously painful heel spur several years earlier, which seemed to respond to a rubbery “heel cup” and weeks of taking it easy.

  3. according to the PT I work with there are 4 things that have been proven to help:
    1. stretching the calf (with arch support during the stretch)
    2. good insoles (I personally recommend Superfeet) - doesn’t have to be orthotics made by a podiatrist.
    3. exercises to work intrinsic foot muscles (toe squeezes on the towel, marble pickup with the toes)
    4. Strong anti-inflammatory medicine (In PT we use dexamethasone via phonophoresis and iontophoresis, google for more info)

    I don’t have plantar fasciitis, but I can feel a pull on the fascia when I stretch my foot up, so I’m hoping it doesn’t happen. Norm’s trick with the ball also provides some good relief according to many.

  4. Thanks for the advice fellas .I have started on anti inflammatory medicine and have put insoles in my shoes and it was not quite as bad today,hopefully if I keep working on my foot and calf it will gradually get better.

  5. Hi TB, I’m at 8.5 weeks and had a FHL transfer so the sole of my foot is still somewhat swollen and tender. But I’d share that my therapist told me to freeze a bottle of water then roll it under my arch of my affected foot to reduce the swelling. Probably would help you as well.
    Good luck.

  6. Thanks for this detailed explanation. I have been wondering what is going on with my feet!

  7. I’m at 17 weeks and was told I definitely have plantar fasciitis which causes a burning heel. I am waiting on the cortisone shot to see if wearing a flex boot at night will solve the problem. I am doing calf stretches several times a day as well. I was also told to roll the bottom of my foot over a tennis ball. I think it’s getting a little better. I had an FHL tendon transfer so I still can feel all the tendons on the bottom of my foot like marionette strings. Walking in trainers doesn’t hurt too badly but barefooted is still extremely tender. So healing is a very long process.

  8. thanks for the information, i was really confused as to what my pain was.. nw atleast the problem is clear, hope that it will end soon.

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