10 weeks discharged

Ok quick up date.Had 10 week check-up yesterday .Was checked over by one of  the consultants side kicks and discharged from the hospital system.And a referral was made to physio .He said I should get an appointment in the next 2 weeks (great).I feel I was ready for physio when I put myself in 2 shoes at about 8.5 weeks so I have booked a private phsyio on Monday to get things going.Rom is improving slowly but surely and calf muscle twitches a fair bit as if it is coming back to life and is sore to touch .

Life in general is much better as im slowly getting my freedom back .Have been driving my partners auto with two feet without any problems.For the year previous to my atr I had been doing lots of cardio and was the fittest I had been for 15 years after being to muscle bound .I have been back doing weights for the last 7 weeks and have put 10 lbs on my upper body(and a little food baby) but can’t wait  to trim down again once I can up the cardio. Only thing left is to get back to work and earn some money!!!

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