plantar fasciitis

June 12, 2013

Hi things are going ok but I was wondering if anybody else has had a problem with there plantar fascia after a rupture .I have a very physical job and am on my feet all day its ok in the morning but as the day goes on it feels like I am walking on broken glass .My calf  also swells up .Any advice or  exercises appreciated.

10 weeks discharged

April 27, 2013

Ok quick up date.Had 10 week check-up yesterday .Was checked over by one of  the consultants side kicks and discharged from the hospital system.And a referral was made to physio .He said I should get an appointment in the next 2 weeks (great).I feel I was ready for physio when I put myself in 2 shoes at about 8.5 weeks so I have booked a private phsyio on Monday to get things going.Rom is improving slowly but surely and calf muscle twitches a fair bit as if it is coming back to life and is sore to touch .

Life in general is much better as im slowly getting my freedom back .Have been driving my partners auto with two feet without any problems.For the year previous to my atr I had been doing lots of cardio and was the fittest I had been for 15 years after being to muscle bound .I have been back doing weights for the last 7 weeks and have put 10 lbs on my upper body(and a little food baby) but can’t wait  to trim down again once I can up the cardio. Only thing left is to get back to work and earn some money!!!

Yeah never felt better (then)

March 30, 2013

Hello people first post so will give a quick summary of where I am at.

Like many who have this injury  I have an active job and have always kept fit and active .Anyway I arrived at krav maga  and proceeded to tell anyone who would listen just how good I was feeling and that I have not been injury free this long for ages. Well 45 mins later and I am lead on the floor contemplating what has just happened .I knew in my heart that that loud pop and electric shock feeling up my leg  was an atr but maybe just maybe it was just a calf muscle .It happened in the classic way I  planted the foot and I shouted out who kicked me thinking one of the group had decided to attack me from behind only to have to apologise when I realised nobody was there.So of to casualty I go get checked over and my fears are confirmed complete rupture .

I was put in a cast and sent home to come back 3 days later to see the consultant.Those 3 days gave me time to find out if the folklore of the atr were true and it slowly sank in that they mostly were .This was going to be tough for somebody who at the best of times glass is not half empty its F****ng smashed.When I got to see the consultant he went through the options and I decided to go for surgery.I was put on the trauma list and could expect a call when ever there was a spare bed .Next day I was in and out back home in a cast .The next 2 weeks consisted of sitting on sofa watching tv and playing my sons ps3 games that I really had no interest in but just had to finish once I had started.

On my second hospital visit the cast was cut off and I was put in a rom boot given a print out of the protocol and would be back in 2 weeks to get the angle of my boot changed .First week in the boot I didn’t really put any weight on it as it was still swollen but as time went on I put more load on till I could put about half my weight on it.On my 3rd visit to hospital the nurse asked if I had changed the angle on the boot .I had been put in at the wrong angle I was in at neutral to 10 degree dorsiflexion somebody had dropped a bollock .Nobody said anything to me but Im guessing it could of snapped.I was meant to be back in 4 weeks but that got changed to 6 .

So here I am .I can walk in the boot without crutches but do get tired and sloppy and go back to them .I can get up stairs now without going up on my ass. Im staying positive and filling my days as best I can and  have realised the dream I had of being a pro poker player would be boring as hell and I would be broke.Going back to work seems along way off as it is very physical but I am back in the gym doing upper body and core work .