Full weight bearing

Met with my Ortho this week and he has given me the green light to weight bear.  He also has encouraged me to set my ROM to 0- minus 20 degrees.  I will go to 0 degrees over the next five days as my Vacocast can move the ROM in 5 degree increments.  Very glad to be done with the crutches and knee scooter.  Can tell my Achilles is stiff and will thus begin PT this next week to start getting strength and ROM going again.  My Ortho suggests that in two weeks if my foot is up to it I can drive, but then put the cast back on once I get to wherever it is I am driving to.  But it will be another 30 days in the cast before I can put the second shoe back on.  Pleased to see time marching by….this is definitely where you simply have to let time work for you and look forward to being going again.  I must say I am nervous about starting to use my leg/foot, as in my head I feel like this injury could simply reoccur, as I do not want to be writing about a re rupture!  One other thing, when people ask me about what is wrong with my foot, they almost all think it is a ski injury AND  75% of the time they have a story about how an ATR injury either to themselves or someone else has taken forever to heal and haunts them…..so encouraging.  I certainly will take a different tack down the road when I come across people who have the same injury!

2 Responses to “Full weight bearing”

  1. Watch Your Step and follow a good path, so you can tell them an encouraging story AND tell the truth!

  2. ha! i get the ski injury question all the time here that is funny. I just started telling people I was training for the Olympics when I tore my achilles.

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