2 Shoes Day!!

This past weekend I finally got the point where I could be walking in two shoes, so for the first time I was able to drive in over two months and start to finally regain some independence.
My PT has given me numerous exercises including standing raises and putting about 20% weight on the affected foot [...]

Fall from knee scooter

I was getting off an airplane on February 25th, wearing my Vacocast, on my knee scooter, carrying crutches.  Ah you can see this can only end badly.  Going up the jet way, on the scooter, I got one of the wheels caught on the separation seam and next thing I went head over heels and [...]

New Vacocast today, starting pwb!

Received my new Vacocast today.  This is the first day I am starting pwb.  This is the first weight I have had on my foot in over a month.  My foot bottom feels as if though it is asleep…pins and needles like.  Feels far more stable moving about without putting 100% of my weight on [...]

February 6th met with Ortho

Basically a month since the ATR, been splinted for three weeks now.  Ortho wants me in a Vacocast starting this week, with very pwb using crutches with orientation at 20 degrees for the next three weeks.  Then to go back in to start moving some degrees back to 90.  I actually felt encouraged this time [...]

Was not a calf tear

I mentioned they thought initially a calf tear, once back to Canada and proper imaging…calf was fine…they called it refered pain. The problem was all with the Achilles. Thanks for all of the encouragement, been pointed to some good advice on what to expect on the road ahead! Seeing ortho in two [...]

How tear happened

On January 8,th playing tennis with a friend in Hawaii, I am a very infrequent tennis player. I am active though, lots of walking, elliptical trainer, road riding bike in summer. After playing for an hour we were walking off but my tennis partner said lets just play for a few more minutes…boom go [...]