2 Shoes Day!!

This past weekend I finally got the point where I could be walking in two shoes, so for the first time I was able to drive in over two months and start to finally regain some independence.

My PT has given me numerous exercises including standing raises and putting about 20% weight on the affected foot and doing moderate walking.

I was very nervous at first, with feeling some stiffness, thinking that this was just going to be re ruptured, after a good long talk with my PT she assured me that if I ¬†wasn’t running or jumping I had little to no risk of injury.

So I’m still using my Vacocast to go for a long walks, for short walks it’s just two shoes, I’m being a Boy Scout as far as exercising and following instructions of my pt.

For all those people who are at the beginning of an Achilles injury time will go by and you will get better!

8 Responses to “2 Shoes Day!!”

  1. Congrats!

  2. A major milestone, well done! I bet you felt great getting back behind that wheel.

  3. Slipping and overdoing have also caused reruptures, so watch your step and stay incremental.

  4. I am feeling very nervous also as I too am approaching two shoes day May 2nd, it will be 12 weeks post surgery when I finally start walking my consultant has been very cautious and told me re-ruptures tend to happen at around weeks 10 to 11.
    When I remove the boot and flex my toes upwards the tendon feels tight. The day after I go into two shoes I have a weekend away with friends and I am concerned about how much walking I will be able to do. Any advice would be appreciated.

  5. My advice would be to take your boot with you. Whenever you are fatigued or out amongst a lot of people, it will make you feel much safer. You can gradually work your way into 2 shoes. I know I felt so awkward the first time in real shoes again. Don’t feel like a wimp if you have to go back and forth between the boot and shoe. After a week or so, you’ll get more comfortable.

    Have a fun and safe trip!


  6. ^^^that was for brisy, lol^^^

  7. Thanks Vicki, I am planning to take the boot but seeing as I have waited what seems like forever to be back in shoes I think I would have resisted wearing it as it would seem like taking a backward step, You have been there and done it, so I will take your advice. I have practiced walking on the carpet and cannot stop the limp, how long were you limping for ?

  8. There’s limping and there’s limping! Most of us took a long time - AKA “the frustrating plateau” - before we lost the “dip” at the end of a long stride, either from lack of ROM or (more often) lack of calf strength. Initially in 2 shoes, the asymmetry is huge: you can stick your weak foot as far forward as normal, but you can’t stick your “good” foot in front of the injured foot! People who’ve had hinged boots have an edge, but we all have similar problems when first going to 2 shoes. The trick is similar to when going PWB & FWB: make your stride as normal as possible.

    There’s nothing wrong with having an asymmetrical stride, one side longer, one shorter. Or dipping a bit at the end of one of them. Just keep walking - and resting, elevating, icing, and maybe compressing - and apply “tincture of time” and it will gradually improve. Do NOT adopt any other funny walks! No toes out to the side, no peg leg walking, etc. Even small accommodations to inflexibility or weakness or discomfort can create lingering gait abnormalities that are tough to lose later, and/or cause physical problems with knees or hips or backs etc.

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