Fall from knee scooter

I was getting off an airplane on February 25th, wearing my Vacocast, on my knee scooter, carrying crutches.  Ah you can see this can only end badly.  Going up the jet way, on the scooter, I got one of the wheels caught on the separation seam and next thing I went head over heels and landed on the ground, only to end up tearing off my toe nail on my injured foot.  Thank goodness for the Vacocast as my ankle stayed in position and I am certain I did not re injure my Achilles.  The Vacocast has been great I have been swimming with it on and at least I have had a diversion from the recovery process.  Tomorrow I am off to see the ortho surgeon and I expect he will reduce the flexion in my Vacocast.  I have slept a couple nights without the splint on, but felt as if something bad could happen and hence have now started wearing the splint while in bed.  I feel like I am behind the one protocol that suggest by week six to basically being fully weight bearing…what I am realizing is that this recovery process is as much art as it is science.  Will report back once I have my appointment on Thursday.

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  1. I wasn’t truly fwb and in shoes till week 8. (Though I was bearing weight on the vacocast). Now at about week 13, I have some minor pains that are dissipating, but am at what my OS told me was close to best case scenario for recovery.

  2. Mark, you are behind bit.ly/UWOProtocol and Exeter and all the other successful non-op protocols, which get to FWBAT (as tolerated) at 4 weeks. What’s holding you back? Don’t jump way ahead, but do catch up if you can.

    Reliable non-op success seems to be tightly linked to following a good modern protocol, and going significantly slower increases risks, according to the evidence. That part is science.

  3. This is the first that I have heard about the Vacocast so, I had to look it up. I WANT ONE! OMG how much easier so many things would be. Of course I can’t afford it and insurance won’t cover a second boot (I already tried) so, I’ll just dream about having one. lol

    I am so sorry about your fall. I could see how that would have gotten complicated. I hope someone offered to help you after it happened, they should have offered you help before!

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