New Vacocast today, starting pwb!

Received my new Vacocast today.  This is the first day I am starting pwb.  This is the first weight I have had on my foot in over a month.  My foot bottom feels as if though it is asleep…pins and needles like.  Feels far more stable moving about without putting 100% of my weight on the crutches and left foot.  And yes the one side is a lot higher than the other, I will get some heel wedges for once I am back to the office I will need something that goes a distance to levelling me out when I walk.

This cast is a bit bulky (less so than a plaster one), but comfortable, I bought a second liner so I plan to go swimming tomorrow with it on, that will be good for simply a change of scenery.  Am wondering about night time, I think I may put my splint on at night as it is set for 20% plantar flexion and then put the Vacocast back on when I get out of bed…thinking I may sleep better with that..not sure if that is good or bad, what is bad though is not sleeping well!

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  1. Sleeping is definitely good. But getting up in the middle of the night without a boot can be very bad, so do be very careful.

  2. Well good luck with the boot and congrats on being able to go swimming and get around. I just finished week 3. I have a boot, but the aircast. I sure wish I had your boot since it is waterproof! I guess you get to wear in the shower too?!
    I am still not weight bearing, but I always take my boot off to sleep. It’s hard enough to get comfortable without it, so having that big thing would definitely make it hard I think. Not sure what others do, my dr. said I could go without it at night. I just keep my crutches handy next to me if I have to get up.
    Happy healing!

  3. The AirCast doesn’t claim to be waterproof, but I’m not sure it isn’t. I washed out the foam&Velcro liner on mine then wrung it out between chamois cloths and put it back on. It seemed fine. The shell is all plastic and should be fine…

  4. I second what Norm said, only go without the boot in bed if you are sure you will be functional enough in the middle of the night to put it on, if you need to make a bathroom trip or something.

    I was grateful at 3 weeks out to be able to ditch the vacocast for sleeping, but I really restricted my fluid intake the latter part of the day so I wouldn’t want to get out of bed at night. Crutches in the dark are no fun, either!

    Congrats on the PWB!

  5. I’m just about on your same timeline……I ruptured my Achilles on Jan 29th, had surgery on Feb 4th, and was put into a splint. I go back to the doctor on Feb 14th, to be put into the boot. Is this pretty common as far as timelines go? Anybody have any thoughts on how soon PWB or FWB should start? I was just thrilled to not be casted, as my best friend had the same injury two years ago, and spent a bunch of time in the cast.

  6. Congrats on the Vacocast. Having that boot made my 5 weeks in the boot enjoyable and allowed me to be really active.

    Brian - I was in a splint for 10 days and then was casted. and then had a boot. But I needed to be protected from myself. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the cast wasn’t so bad. I walked on my cast so I went from NWB to FWB pretty quick. The important thing is to listen to your body. If it hurts, don’t do it.

    Good luck and welcome to the club!

  7. Seeing I had been wearing a splint for the last three weeks and that potentially I could have walked on it during the night with that (very bad) I think I can handle sleeping without the Vacocast on. Nice to be putting a bit of weight back on the injured foot. Should have bought the even ups right away. Do have to say though the Vacocast is comfortable and I feel good about being in it and being able to take it off to clean up and change.

  8. TravelMark,

    Congrats on the Vacocast. I loved that thing. I was told that I could start sleeping without it at 4 weeks, as well as take it off when I sat down to watch TV. My biggest fear while sleeping was kicking the wall or the bed post or, getting up at 2 am without thinking and just walking to the bathroom. I like the restricted water intake idea. LOL.

    Check out Norm’s modern protocols, they give you a good idea when to start PWB, FWB, 2 Shoes, etc. But I started PWB at 6 weeks, FWB at 8 and 2 shoes by 10 (ish).

  9. I bought the even up. I was underwhelmed. When I wore the rocker sole the even up didn’t quite even me up. I also didn’t think it had enough traction. A good shoe with a thick sole could probably do it also.

    Take Care. Enjoy the boot!

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