February 6th met with Ortho

Basically a month since the ATR, been splinted for three weeks now.  Ortho wants me in a Vacocast starting this week, with very pwb using crutches with orientation at 20 degrees for the next three weeks.  Then to go back in to start moving some degrees back to 90.  I actually felt encouraged this time as I actually have a month behind me, even though he said expect 8 weeks of some version of immobilization.  He is very keen though on keeping my ankle loose and would like to see some light side to side movement but at all times no stress on the tendon.  The cast I am getting will be able to go in water, so looking forward to getting into the pool from time to time with it.  I can also sleep at night without my splint on so this will be a real treat to have that thing off so maybe I can finally  get a good night sleep as there have not been enough of those.

I really have appreciated the encouragement and having a place to talk to others who are on the same path!

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  1. 8 weeks in a boot is pretty standard in the good modern non-op protocols, BUT with pwb starting around 2 weeks in, and FWB by about 4 — e.g., a la bit.ly/UWOProtocol . 6-7 weeks before FWB is 2-4 weeks too slow for lowest-risk non-op treatment.

    Some protocols move gradually from equinus to neutral, others stay toes-down for 6 weeks then flat. . .

    The good news is that folks here LOVE their VacoCasts! And with it you can follow the successful Exeter protocol — with gradual introduction of ROM-hinging in your fancy boot. Look for it on suddsy’s blog and several others, from hillie. She’s very happy with her progress following Exeter non-op with a Vaco.

    Lots of OSs still prescribe slower rehab, on the outmoded superstition that slower is safer. (MUST be safer, because it’s called “conservative”!) The evidence shows that it’s actually riskier, and faster is safer, unless you go faster than UWO or Exeter. And since going slower is a real PITA, it’s a no-brainer.

  2. If you can install the ATR Timeline Widget (instructions on the Main page), we’ll all be able to check your FAQs and timing.

  3. Finally figured out the time line…a little new to this blogging thing! Two more days till my Vacocast shoes up. I will look at some of the leads you have given in this blog thread as I get ready for some pwb. Getting very tired of the crutches, slow sore and hoping around on one foot is getting old quick.

  4. Getting into the vacocast will feel like a mercedes. I think you will find it much easier to transition.

    You will do great!!!!! make sure you tell us how it went.

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