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So I am in recovery mode, spent a month in a hard cast, NWB, now have been in the cam walker for two weeks. Physical therapy is going well, but the swelling is not going down. I elevate and ice every evening, but have a hard time at work. I’ve had it swell up so much I can’t get into the cam walker. Physical therapist says it is not abnormal, but I know it is limiting my range of movement, not to mention hurting like hell.
Any suggestions or ideas?

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your swelling. I had a full surgical repair of my ruptured achilles. I am exactly 4 weeks post op and have very little swelling. As a matter of fact my worst swelling was right after surgery. I don’t know if it is just luck or perhaps that I do not move around alot as I work out of my office. I do keep my foot elevated while I am sleeping, at least I did for the first 4 weeks so far. After PT do they ice you there at the gym? One thing I also did early on and still do is ice my tendon from mid calf down to my heel and I also put ice on the top of my foot and wrap it with ace bandage. It might help if you see alot of swelling on the top of your foot. Does this help?

  2. Tracer,

    I, too, am just about 4 weeks and have been in a CAM walker for a little over a week, NWB. For the most part, I have minimal swelling that mostly occurs toward the end of the day. I still elevate at night when I sleep. To have enough swelling that you can’t get your CAM walker on seems like alot, however, I’ve read many an ATR blog here where people are still experiencing swelling at the 6th week and beyond, so your PT is probably right. If it starts being accompanied by other symptoms like changes in color, or something else, then I would talk to your MD.

  3. It sounds like compression of some sort might help you, be it compression socks, tubigrip, or an ace wrap. I also sometimes used a little homemade pillow that wrapped around the back of my tendon, to press the swelling out of those little hollows between the tendon and those ankle bones on each side. Compression devices worked great for me when I had to be up and around a lot.

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