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So I was at the medical supply store and the physical theripist asked me what kind of walking boot I was going to get. He said more and more docs were going with the ankle high boot instead of the one all the way over the calf. Was wondering what the people in here have to say. Thanks…

Appreciate the input, into my walking boot today, went with the over the cast one…actually the military didn’t give me much of a choice, they only had one, guess that shouldn’t have been much of a surprise to me!  I have three shims right now…how the hell do girls walk in high heels?  Told my wife I needed to borrow one of her heels for my right foot so I can walk.

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  1. I have a full calf boot and I like it. I don’t think a smaller boot would have any benefit for me. I like the high level of support of the tall boot so I can go out and do stuff and feel totally protected. My boot is narrow enough that my pants can go over it.

  2. hi peterh
    my husband now has a air-cast/boot up to his knee(4.5 weeks after OP). He could have gotten a shorter one, but the doctor pointed out that these ones often irritate the stitches at the back of the ankle, so the higher ones end up being the wiser choice. Hope all is well and wishing you a speedy recovery.

  3. Did they know that you were referring to a boot for after achilles tendon surgery? I know the ankle high boots are used alot now for broken foot, etc.

    I have the knee high boot for my ATR and wouldn’t even consider an ankle high.

  4. I suffered a re-rupture while wearing a short boot. Needless to say, I definitively do not recommend one…there just is not enough support (one strap around the upper leg vs. three in the high boot). Second time around, I was in the the high boot.

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