So after reading all the blogs about aggressive therapy and putting the boot on as soon as possible, I went to my surgeon armed with info and ready to get a walking boot at just under three weeks. My bubble was burst when she told me she doesn’t put walking boots on Army guys too early, only Air Force, because the Army guys push to hard and re-rupture them. Talk about prejudice! (she is is an AF Major). So I did end up with a smaller hard cast that is about 1/2 the weight. She wanted to leave it on for four more weeks (total of 7 weeks to walking boot), but I talked her down to two more. So hopefully next Friday.

4 Responses to “dissapointment”

  1. Good pun, tracer! That was a diss, wasn’t it?

    I suppose Air Force guys don’t use their feet as much as Army guys, eh?

  2. She just said that the Army guys tend to push it to much..which, being I wanted the walking boot so I could go salmon fishing is probably right!

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  4. I picked up a second one from my PT (they had lying around) so I can use it to go salmon fishing with my son. I can still get my waders on, then just hose it down when I am done.

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